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Our Newest, Eldest VC Singer

June 9, 2013 at 9:57 pm UTC


Say hello to Mary, the newest member of The Virtual Choir, and the eldest: NINETY-SEVEN years old!

  • Linda Hagan

    Wow, good for you! Very inspiring! :)

  • Willemien Leermakers

    Fantastic! I intend to follow the example and sing till I’m one hundred :-) !!!

  • Marina Brouwer

    FANTASTIC! So glad you’re in the choir, Mary!

  • Marti Dawson

    I’m very proud of you, Mary !!, and so glad you are able to sing and FLY to BLISS and PARADISE with all of us !!! A person’s NEVER too old to try something NEW !! Where are you from ? I’m in Oceanside, CA. …:)

  • Elisha Jordan

    Mary, what an inspiration you are! If I am blessed enough to make it to my 90’s and beyond, I hope to be just like you and still doing what I love. I am so glad you you added your voice to this project :) P.S. I’m lovin’ those cool headphones!

  • Cosetta Lustig

    Wow! You go girl! You are such an inspiration. I plan to continue singing till I’m at least 100!! Can’t wait to see the finished project with all of us together! Looking so forward to it!

  • Julia Daily

    Singing keeps you young – there’s proof!

  • Bianca Kinane-Ewart

    Fantastic Mary!!! ♥♥♥

  • spidersilk

    Mary, you are awesome! Thank you for joining us!

  • CA Edington

    Yay, Mary! You’re a true inspiration!