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A Nice Interview Yesterday on WQXR

June 12, 2010 at 2:32 pm UTC

All about Paradise Lost, et al. Check it out.

  • James Perry

    What did you mean by the whole 'spikey and unpopular' bit? I didn't understand haha. I'll see you tomorrow!! =D

  • Tessy

    What a neat interview – it was great to learn more about your mentor Mr. Corigliano. I completely agree about what was said about Gershwin melodies – so individualistic to his own jazz style, yet beautiful and soulful. Congratulations on passing 1 million hits! That's incredible!!! Thank you so much Mr. Whitacre, and thank you so much Britlin, for making this possible.

  • Rich Sienko

    Very insightful & passionate a peek inside the artist's palette

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