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June 12, 2013 at 4:17 pm UTC

Say hello to Noel Gonzalez Perez. Noel lives in Cuba, and because he had limited access to the internet he had to upload his VC video in 24 parts, one meg at a time. Jack Rowland has just finished stitching the video back together, making Cuba the 101st country in VC4. The poetry and humanity of all of this brings tears to my eyes. Thank you, Noel!

Noel Gonzalez Perez

  • Angel d’Amore

    I am obliged to comment!
    I know how suffering people living in this and other similar regimes.
    I had seen that Cuba was not represented in VC4, and unfortunately, I guessed why.
    For this reason, today I had a huge, an immense joy with the inclusion of Noel.
    I don’t believe in coincidences, and his name (Noel= Christmas) tells me that the “BIRTH OF BLISS” will be a very happy Reality
    So today I’m very, very happy!!

  • Marina Brouwer

    I love this so much. This captures the true spirit of the VC.

  • Jœy Røss González

    Bienvenido. Sera un placer cantar contigo!

  • Karolina Pek

    Noel, gracias pos su esfuerzo. Estamos felices! El mundo se une traves de música.

  • Su Viturro

    BRAVO Noel! Salud por la Patria Grande y por nuestra America Latina! que bueno compartir este proyecto con vos :D