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Casey Sabol

July 31, 2011 at 8:26 pm UTC

Last year I gave a choral concert in LA and singer Casey Sabol came to see it. We had lunch afterwards – a really cool, super-talented guy – and a fan of choral music.

I know this music isn’t going to be for everyone, but here’s my favorite vocal of his (from his previous band Periphery). I especially love the part when the melody goes (very, very) high, and chromatic (1:28).

  • NReilingh

    You have -got- to be a Dream Theater fan.

  • Matthew Roberts

    This is wild. Dig it :)

  • Matt Johnson

    My respect for you has just increased a hundredfold. As a metal fan myself, this is just awesome.

  • Ben Murrie

    Nice! I think any ‘classical’ composer/musician who can appreciate metal is pretty cool. Likewise for the metal fans in appreciating classical music.

    I think metal and classical music have so many commonalities…what does everyone think? On my first listening to the Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem I wanted to start a small mosh pit in my room…

  • Andrew

    I have goosebumps. I sang your work all throughout high school and early college… and met you at Ohio University many years ago. I found this band in 2007 (or around there) and immediately tracked down a way to contact you. I heard your influence in Casey’s voice from the start. The song “Inertia” has so many of your touches. I sent you a message (I believe on Myspace – back when it was still popular) hoping that you would reach out to Casey. I’m not saying that I had anything to do with this meet-up, but I’m just glad it happened. I am such a huge fan of both Casey and Eric… I would die if he was ever featured as a guest soloist, but I know Casey is far too humble to do such a thing.

  • Jesse Warren

    I am completely blown away. Eric Whitacre – a FAN of Periphery?? This is just to good to be true! My favorite composer loves my favorite band. :D

    Thank you for being awesome.

  • Aviel Man Ballo

    Why have I never listened to this band before!?

  • Katharine

    Cool! Though when you said “very very high,” I was thinking something along the lines of Steven Tyler at the end of “Crazy” where he hits that note that even I can barely reach! You know the one.

  • Joe Shmoe

    heres a song that really shows his vocal work at its best imo.

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