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Epic Djent Cover of Nox Aurumque

April 22, 2013 at 4:58 pm UTC

Metal band Means End has made a spectacular cover of my Nox Aurumque. PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED!

For reference, here’s the original. Bravo to the boys in Means End. SO thrilled with their cover.

  • Joshua Leath

    Eric….yet again your music transcends the bondaries for while it was intended for. What’s amazing about this…is it works…VERY well. The chord progression in drop-D, with the sheer power of the open chords, epic drumming, earth-shattering bass and melodic riffs against a killer lead vocalist…It almost leaves one without words (luckily I found some to make a post with). 4:20 – 4:28 could possibly be the greatest “bridge” I have ever heard in this genre of music. A band like this…not one you would expect to be rockin’ out to Eric Whitacre, but it just shows how truly powerful YOUR music is. You inspire everyone that listens to your music (whether to write, appreciate, compose, imitate, be better, or just enjoy), and this video absolutely proves that point. I hope this got the gears moving in your head….would be an incredible collaboration…Means End and The Eric Whitacre Singers….just a thought ;-)

  • Frans

    Such an amazing cover! Very diverse.

  • Matt Johnson

    Mr. Whitacre, you now owe me a new face from that sheer awesomeness you have just shared. Now that is two bands you have introduced me to that are totally awesome (the first being Periphery). I hope you never stop being so awesome! Will definitely be checking out more of these guys!

  • Jennifer

    The lead singer may have the pipes to sing Ignis. Thanks for posting-I’ve listened/watched three times already and it makes me smile.

  • NileParadox

    Holy shit, two of my favorite kinds of music combined. And it’s awesome. Mind=blown.

  • Robert Percy

    Means End are a great, forward-thinking band, and this cover is one of the highlights of the album. Massive props to you Mr. Whitacre for giving them a shout out on your blog :-).