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Goodnight Moon

September 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm UTC

One of the pieces I recorded this week for the new album was “Goodnight Moon”, taking the text from the beloved children’s book by Margaret Wise Brown. I set it for string orchestra, harp, and Hila (soprano), and the music is still haunting me, playing over and over in my head. (And in my heart). Can’t wait to share it with all of you.

  • Sandra G

    I am so beyond thrilled about this! Goodnight Moon was a favourite book as a child, and now I read it to my 2 young kids at bedtime (and #3 on the way!) Pair this book with your genius, Eric? I’m going to be flabbergasted.
    Love love love that you decided to do this, and can’t wait to hear it!

  • Brittany

    Eric, this is absolutely amazing! This was also one of my favorite books as a kid! I’m only a teenager now, but thanks to you, I’ll be able to not only read this story to my future children, but also sing it to them! You blow my mind every day!

  • Marianne

    You tease! ; ) Well, I am glad you told us… I’m so excited about this though, I will be waiting with baited breath! : ) I read this book to my daughter a few times a week… can’t wait to sing it to her with your music… what a beautiful thought… : )

  • Frances Judd

    That’s so exciting to hear about “Good Night Moon.” It is most definitely one of my son’s favorite books to read. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in an EDM 310 class. I was actually instructed to watch your Lux Aurumque video but when I researched your work, this upcoming piece had be very excited! I hope to see this piece done soon and cannot wait to share it with my children. I hope you know how amazing this idea you have created is to people in all walks of life. I am obviously an aspiring teacher and my husband is an aspiring artist and avid music lover. We are both thrilled to have learned about your work! Good luck and thank you!

  • Miggy Torres

    Sweet! Can’t wait to hear how you set a “bowl full of mush,” lol.

  • Beth Hanson

    Can’t wait to hear it! My son loves this and can “read” it back to us, especially the “goodnight nobody”. We always whisper that part and giggle!

  • RF

    Can a tenor sing this??!?!? this was my favorite children’s book.

  • Therese McKirdy

    How wonderful…I am going to so enjoy sharing this with my son….I too can hardly wait to hear as Miggy put it..your notes for “a bowl full of mush”

  • John

    Just heard it on Radio 3. Incredibly moving, beautifully sung.

  • Michele

    Simply breathtaking! It brings this book to a whole new level and can bring out the emotions in all of us. This composition is absolutely stunning!

  • Alaina

    This piece moves me to tears nearly every time I listen to it. Will sheet music/orchestral arrangement be available soon? I would like to sing it for my senior recital.

  • Sara Swietlicki

    I love this piece! I’ve listen to it on Spotify for over a week straight, and I’m in love with the simplicity of the music. It’s so beautifully set to the words.

    I have the same question as Alaina: will this piece be available for solo voice and orchestra? I would love to sing it for my bachelors concert!

  • Hannah

    When will solo sheet music be available for this? I sing it all the time and my teacher wants to work on it with me. IT”S SO AWESOME.

  • Holly K

    Never in my life have a put on song on repeat before and just let it play. The song is beyond anything I could have ever imagined it to be and as an aspiring professional singer, I would LOVE to sing it some day!

  • Cecelia Peters Wigal

    Please, when is the sheet music available? I NEED to sing this!