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Goodnight Moon, Scored for SATB Choir and Piano

March 10, 2012 at 1:30 pm UTC

Here’s a preview of the first half of Goodnight Moon, featuring my wife Hila Plitmann singing with the London Symphony Orchestra. It will be released April 3rd on my new Decca album, Water Night.

I’m making a choral version and am looking for commissioning members to join the consortium. Would love to have you or your choir be a part.

  • Trevor Kaminski

    This is so beautiful! Made me tear up. My parents read this to me almost every night when I was little.

  • Jon Fisher

    This piece has such a special place in my heart. When I was a toddler, my parents read the book to me and my sister before me. Now my sister has a copy of the book as an adult, and she reads it to my niece and nephew. There is a timelessness about this book that is so unique. I can’t wait to share your take on “Goodnight Moon” with my sister. I’m sure she’ll LOVE hearing a song made from that book!

  • Jacob Devol

    As with everything else you produce, I can’t wait for the SATB arrangement… what a coming of age moment, to take something so loved from childhood and combining it with my more adult passion for choral music.

  • Steve Danielson


  • Claire Coleman

    Will it be possible to buy sheet music for the solo version, either with piano or orchestra accompaniment?

    • Kate Corrigan

      Yes, I would really love to sing this! Where/when can I purchase sheet music for the solo version?
      Thanks for all you do!

  • Donna Baznik

    Beautiful way to wake this AM on a most intense weekend. We’re having a “Water Memorial” for a dear friend this afternoon, our daughter’s favorite book as a child was “Goodnight Moon” and she is an incredible soprano and we’re about to go off on vacation with our extended family. It’s as if your Bob Edwards interview was performed just for us.

    Your music, your muse (wife and son) and virtual choir are incredible!!

    Thank you.

  • Jenna

    I absolutely love this piece and have listened to it repeatedly since purchasing your album! I also would like to know if sheet music for the solo version is going to be available for purchase anytime soon.

  • MK Bryan

    Wondering when the consortium choirs are going to receive copies of the music? We have advertised this piece for our concert coming up in December and only rehearse once per week – it would be nice to get a copy – or even a final version PDF for rehearsal purposes – of this music soon!

  • Jennifer Maillet

    I too am wondering whether a solo version for soprano and piano will be available- I am a lyric soprano and would love to sing this- it is a beautiful piece!

  • Linda Tedford

    when can I purchase the SATB version? I’d love to do this w/my choir in May…

  • Janet M. Woods


    My daughter, Emma Nathanson, sings with the College of Wooster Chorus – Dr. Lisa Wong, director and I see that COW is part of the consortium. As you know, Goodnight Moon was included in COW’s winter concert. Goodnight Moon has added meaning in that after the COW concert Emma and I saw the original drawings of GM @ the U of Minnesota when we researched an original manuscript of another children’s book Miracles on Maple Hill. When will the piano score with solo vocal be released and where could I order it? I would like to give it to Emma as a rememberance of our trip. I will be giving her the cd with GM when it comes out. Can I order it here too?Thank you for a reply. Jan Woods

  • Nikki Fox Eoute

    I cannot wait to get this music for Rivertree Singers to sing! Will it also be available in this form of solo with chamber string orchestra? Would love to put it on a recital! This is my husband’s favorite piece and my kids’ favorite book!

  • Ki

    This is such a beautiful piece. Will there be a solo score that your wife sang? I love this song.

    • Megan Davies

      Hi Ki.
      Eric is working on an SATB and soprano/piano version and as soon as they’re available, we’ll put an note on and out via the mailing list.
      Hope this helps.

  • Megan Wright

    Will there be a score for piano accompaniment? I would love to sing this for my school music festival!

    • Megan Davies

      At the moment you can hire the music for Goodnight Moon through Chester Music in the
      version for soprano, strings and harp.
      Eric is working on an SATB and soprano/piano version and as soon as they’re available, we’ll put an note on and out via the mailing list. Here’s the link –
      Hope this helps.

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