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How to Crush Your Scrabble Opponent

September 17, 2009 at 9:05 pm UTC

If, like me, you love Scrabble but can’t stand losing to people who are way, way too obsessed with the game, here’s the video for you: an object lesson in how to intimidate and detroy those annoying know-it-all Scrabble-heads.

Ignite is terrific resource for all kinds of cool videos on interesting topics, a sort of Ted Talks meets The Moth. Check it out.

  • Ian McDougal

    YESS!!!!!! I'll finally be able to beat my own mother at scrabble!

  • Courtney Lea

    Wow! They actually stayed in the 5 minutes! Cool! I'm soooo gonna try this next time I'm at my grandma's house!

  • Tessy

    I LOVE Scrabble!! Unfortunately I haven't found anyone on campus that does…

    But that's ok, because now I know how to finally beat my dad! ;)


  • Michael

    Quite cool… as a 'pro' scrabble player, I probably wouldn't bluff my way through the game, but I enjoyed this nonetheless! Thanks for sharing Eric!

  • Mehal Shah

    I'm flattered. Thanks for the link!

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