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New Paradise Lost Track Posted

February 24, 2008 at 2:20 am UTC

I’ve posted another Paradise Lost track over at my wife’s myspace page called Forgotten; it’s the duet from Act I, performed beautifully here by Hila and Dan Callaway.

Maybe even more interesting, though, is the first song on her music player, The Reckoning. Hila has begun writing and performing her own songs, and while I’m certainly biased, I find her songs simply bewitching. The Reckoning is the first of her songs that she’s posted, but she’s written another ten or so, and this far she has recorded three of them as piano/vocal demos. Ultimately, she’d like to produce them with some killer Imogen Heap/Bjork style electronica, but in the meantime, I’ve convinced her to post the ‘unplugged’ demos.

Did I mention that I think my wife is kinda awesome?

  • Lindsie Hardy

    i agree! your wife is SO amazingly talented. and so are you, my friend. yet again, i turned to your music today and it completely turned my day around. you, sir, are fabulous. thank you for such amazing music. and congratulations on finding the most wonderful wife ever!

    i <3 EW.

    ~Lindsie (LVA alum)

  • Eric

    I think you both are incredible.

  • JooYeon

    OMG I was enchanted by The Reckoning demo! I can't wait to hear more of Hila's songs in the future! And I couldn't help but smile listening to Forgotten, brought me back to that night when I watched the whole cast in awe! Have I mentioned that you guys are AMAZING?!

  • Scott AuCoin

    Your wife is amazing, and I love the relationship you have together, its really sweet.
    Im loving all of these Paradise Lost Tracks, and I'm awaiting the CD because I havn't heard anything and I'm really excited!!

    P.S This blog was a GREAT idea!


  • Esther Morris

    You both are awesome, and it's wonderful that you both have something as beautiful as music in common. :) Not many people are that lucky.

  • Rob

    WOW… this would sound amazing with some kickass electronica behind it. Very haunting and beautiful.

    I loved the PL track, too. The electronic elements are integrated so seamlessly that I forget I'm not listening to a "traditional" broadway musical.

  • Wes

    I stumbled upon your blog here and I must tell you, singing Water Night and Cloudburst were the most amazing musical experiences of my life. Thank you for your amazing work

  • Patrick

    Hey Eric,

    I'm a graduate student at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. Like many of the others who have posted on your blog, my very being was taken by storm the first time I performed one of your choral pieces. I've had the pleasure of performing Waternight, Cloudburst, A Boy and a Girl, Little Tree, and Sleep. My undergraduate degree was in Theory/Comp, so I must say that I am in awe at your ability to write pieces for voice which have such a modern sound and tonality, yet have the sense of timelessness and natural flow from chord to chord that is rare even among the great Masters. They manage to be simultaneously easy enough to sing that even young or inexperienced singers can create breathtakingly beautiful performances and yet so complex that even professional choirs can indefinitely add nuance to every phrase…

    My hero-worship being complete, I think you should check out the College of Charleston Concert Choir's live CD. One of the pieces we performed was Sleep, and I think you would truly appreciate the recording. I'm going to see about getting a copy sent to you…

    "Among many more gripping and superbly sung numbers, the highlight was contemporary choral sensation Eric Whitacre’s Sleep – one of his best-known works. It’s full of cunning tone clusters that make an ear-grabbing, thrilling thing of dissonance – and it takes a truly special bunch of singers to achieve the kind of icy vocal transparency and stiletto-sharp intonation necessary to bring it off to full effect. I’ve heard this piece from some of the world’s finest academic and professional chamber choirs – and none of them can top what I heard from our own wonderful young singers."
    — Lindsay Koob, excerpt from "College's Vocal/Choral Program Struts its Stuff"

  • Wendell Clarke

    IS she "kinda" awesome?! Dude. That's the understatement of the century. Her Reckoning is haunting and yet so…so..vulnerable. I can't appropriately describe it outside of quoting her in saying it is…"infinite Yes". I still hear Forgotten in my sleep from the last Labor Day weekend performance last year. My happiest nightmare is being Lost in Paradise with Shadows and Wings. I can't wait to see her again in March with the ASO.

  • Catalina

    Hello there eric :) the choir i am in ( everglades high school legacy concert choir) has performed numerous pieces by you.. and every time i leave that performance with tears in my eyes. you are absolutly amazing and i am so grateful we are able to sing your music! Keep inspiring :)

  • Paul Vesilind

    Hello Mr. Whitacre,

    I am a graduate student in conducting at Cal State Northridge and recently conducted the wind arrangement of "Lux Aurumque" for my recital. I was wondering if it would be ok to contact you with questions about the piece for my paper? Thanks,

    Paul Vesilind

  • nicole

    Hello Mr. Whitacre,
    This really isn't in response to any of the postings on your blog, but a simple "thank you" for doing what you do. I've enjoyed all the pieces of yours that I've every heard (which, granted, is limited), but I want to say a few things about October. Thank you for October; it is the best representation of the color, flavor, smells, and emotion of that month and fall in general than any other rendering I've ever come across in paint, poetry, or prose. It is all these things wrapped into one; it does its inspiration justice.
    In other words, it's breathtaking. I know it's been some time sice you wrote it, and my "fan mail" (the term sounds so inauthentic) is a bit delayed, but if all goes according to plan, people will be raving about your works for years and years to come.

  • Katelyn

    Wow. I am so speechless from both your wife's voice and demos and the Paradise Lost songs!! They are so haunting!! I don't know how your wife does it. She is absolutely dumbfounding. It's incredible. And as for the tracks you put on there–they're wonderful!! I really like the fresh, techno-like way the music is performed. It really is great, and brings a new meaning to musical theatre.