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New Paradise Lost Track Posted

February 24, 2008 at 2:20 am UTC

I’ve posted another Paradise Lost track over at my wife’s myspace page called Forgotten; it’s the duet from Act I, performed beautifully here by Hila and Dan Callaway.

Maybe even more interesting, though, is the first song on her music player, The Reckoning. Hila has begun writing and performing her own songs, and while I’m certainly biased, I find her songs simply bewitching. The Reckoning is the first of her songs that she’s posted, but she’s written another ten or so, and this far she has recorded three of them as piano/vocal demos. Ultimately, she’d like to produce them with some killer Imogen Heap/Bjork style electronica, but in the meantime, I’ve convinced her to post the ‘unplugged’ demos.

Did I mention that I think my wife is kinda awesome?


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