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On a Jet Plane

June 18, 2009 at 1:54 pm UTC

Sorry for the absence – I’ve been deep in the cave writing this week, a big piece for Conspirare. I’ll blog about it soon…

In the meantime, I’m off to Kansas, then Boston, then New York for the big DCINY concert a week from this Sunday. I’m ITCHING to hear these two new E.E. Cummings settings that we’ll premiere at the concert. They’re small pieces, miniatures really, but they’re written in a newish harmonic direction for me and I’m excited to see if they work. I’m buying the new iPhone (oh, yes) and if the new pieces don’t completely suck (my writing, not the performance) I’ll try to record a video of the rehearsal and upload it here.

  • Benjamin Powell

    Hey Eric!

    Congrats on finishing up those E.E. Cummings pieces; I am excited to hear this new direction you are talking about. And surely, even a rehearsal would be great for your fans to hear!

    In any case, I am not sure how often you check these comments, but I found this super cool website with a 'Tone Matrix'. You may have already heard of it, but it is a 16-step synthesizer of tones that play simoultaneously. It is fun to just sort of play around with different patterns and what not, and sometimes, something super great can come out of it! I know it is a stress relief for me, so hopefully you can enjoy it too. (Or just geek out about it, like I did!)


  • Courtney Lea

    It's great to hear back from ya!
    Good luck with the concert!!!

  • Per Lichtman

    Good luck: I'm sure it will turn out wonderfully. :)

  • Kelsey Hanley

    A video would be fantastic! Best of luck on your concerts.

  • Josh Brown

    A big piece, you say? For Conspirare, you say? o_o I'm excited.

    And we're itching to hear those two e.e. cummings pieces just as much… Trust me. :D A video would be awesome.

  • Lyn Banghart

    I loved your comments about flying. "Flying is amazing. You're sitting in a chair. IN THE SKY."

    Having just sung "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine" with the Tidewater Chamber Singers, I had to smile. What an absolutely wonderful piece of music. We are a group of 20 so it was especially challenging. You and your music are amazing!

  • Britlin

    BEST OF LUCK!!! your new pieces will be amazing at lincoln center, and I can't wait to sit in that audience and watch you walk across that beautiful stage!!!

  • Matt D.

    And I'll be there in person to see the awe of your new pieces in their premiere glory. I can only imagine what wonders might be in store.

  • Trevor (Teo)

    New harmonic direction?! You mean all those people who accuse you of writing the same thing over and over again are going to be proved wrong?

    (Note: Obviously, I don't think that it is simple as harmonic language, but it is certainly one of the "trademarks" in your music).

    Good luck with the Conspirare gig…dude, they are freaking incredible!

  • Amanda N.

    I can't wait to see and hear it!

  • Matt W

    What are the aspects of this new harmonic direction? Sounds intriguing.

  • scottiejhaines

    See you in Kansas, Eric!

  • Tessy

    I'm interested in this new harmonic direction as well. Sounds interesting. Good luck! I'm sure you'll make some wonderful music magic. Whoo!

  • hilary

    Not a genius. Just a workaholic, and a great lover of the craft.
    Thanks for everything, buddie!

  • Jason

    Kansas? Where/when are you coming here?

  • Michelle


    I just wanted you to know that I will be in your choir at the DCINY concert, and I want you to know that I am more excited that I've ever been, and I'm so honored to get to sing under you, and to sing your songs. I am excited to hear the two new pieces, and I'm sure they will turn out fantastic! See you soon!

  • Betsy

    Hey, Eric.

    I'm a vocal major at Georgia's Governor's Honors Program this summer. We are going to be performing "A Boy and a Girl". Today, our teacher had us do a poetical analysis of the piece. Everyone was open to give their feedback.

    While the rest of the class was discussing the line "like clouds exchanging foam.", I got curious and read ahead. My hand clapped over my mouth as I realized what the last verse was talking about.

    When we started singing said verse, there was not a dry eye in the soprano or alto section. I just thought I'd share my experience. I know, it's compltely unrelated to your Cummings pieces, but I felt that I had to tell you somehow.

    Oh, and thanks. Singing this piece is going to be anamazing experience! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. And good luck at the Disney concerts!!


  • Dena Andrews

    Im so excited to be singing with you this week in NY, it will be one of the best opportunities and expiriences in my life.

  • Matt D.

    By the way, I forgot to ask. Will they be selling T-shirts at his NYC concert?

  • Preston

    You have an iPhone, so of course, you have to buy a new one? HA!

  • Composer Forum

    Good luck: I’m sure it will turn out wonderfully. :)