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January 28, 2014

Chicago Workshop, February 4th

The Northwestern University workshop I will give February 4th – free to the public – is completely full, no more tickets. THANK YOU to student Lori Heckman who personally responded to all 700 attendees. And thank you to my dear friend Dr. Stephen Alltop for hosting the event and for bringing his excellent continued

January 27, 2014

Out Of The Bag

Safe to say that this was one of the most influential moments of my life.

January 25, 2014

The Best

Now THIS needs a choral cover. Doing this ASAP.

January 24, 2014

Classical Music is Dead? Whatever.

Just read yet another article in Slate about the “death of classical music”. These proclamations make me laugh because from where I am standing, “classical music” is THRIVING. So many people (young people especially) hungry and passionate for music and art that has deep meaning, singing in choirs, playing in bands and orchestras, attending… continued

December 02, 2013


Yesterday I posted that I was beginning work on an a cappella cover of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt” and many people responded by saying they prefer the Johnny Cash cover over Trent’s original. I love both versions. I find the Johnny Cash cover especially heartbreaking because he was so close to the end of his life… continued

November 15, 2013

Bravo, Everyone!

Disney Virtual Honor Choir Participants, We asked for a lot this time: excellent singing, good sound, super-clean video. Every video I heard was at an astonishingly high level, worthy of inclusion. You all delivered beyond my wildest dreams. I am so, so proud of all of you. In the end, Disney was able to use… continued

November 13, 2013

John Tavener 1944-2013

The great John Tavener has died today. A tremendous loss for the musical world. His music was filled with innocence and mystery, a rare and wonderful thing in our modern, cynical times. My own writing was deeply influenced by the spacious, deeply authentic sound worlds that he created; I will forever be in his… continued

October 17, 2013

Funny LA Story

Years ago when Hila and I lived in Los Angeles we would play a ‘famous’ game. The idea was that if you saw someone who looked remotely like a celebrity you would point them out to the other person and say, “Hey, look, it’s Jay Leno,” even though it wasn’t Jay Leno and barely looked… continued

September 27, 2013

Disney World of Color Honor Choir Singers – Upload Soon!

US folks auditioning for the Disney World of Color Honor Choir: We’re well underway with our World of Color Honor Choir (“Glow”) and it looks like it’s going to be extraordinary. Many of the videos submitted thus far are terrific, with lovely voices, well recorded. Bravo to everyone who has recorded already. For those of… continued

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