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November 20, 2012


November 19, 2012

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November 15, 2012

Workshop and Concert in Munich, December 8-9

Next month I’ll be giving a two day workshop for singers. We will prepare a number of my pieces (and works by other composers) and will perform them in a concert in the Munich Philharmonie, December 9th 2012, 7:30pm. The first half of that concert will feature my own group, The Eric Whitacre Singers, performing our… continued

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November 13, 2012

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November 11, 2012


November 05, 2012

Compassion and Gratitude

I had a thought yesterday while conducting the Soaring Leap workshop in Dallas: by the time my career is over I will have looked directly into the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, all while we are performing together or meeting afterwards. These moments are so personal, so intimate, so HUMAN… continued


September 18, 2012


September 18, 2012

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September 17, 2012

At a Window

Give me hunger, O you gods that sit and give The world its orders. Give me hunger, pain and want, Shut me out with shame and failure From your doors of gold and fame, Give me your shabbiest, weariest hunger! But leave me a little love, A voice to speak to me in the day… continued


September 13, 2012


Virtual Youth Choir

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