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Spent the Day Making a Kickstarter Video for Virtual Choir 4

November 20, 2012 at 9:23 pm UTC

VC4 is gonna be EPIC!

  • Chris

    Seal Lullaby?

  • Timothy Shorey

    When David Heard? I know it would be difficult and near impossible, but imagine over 2,000 people singing “My Son!” at the same time.

  • Shakti

    I’d love to sing in the VC4. Is there an email list or some other way to stay in the loop about that?

    • Eve

      Check back here often to find out about VC4. Now that we know it’s booting up I know I’ll be checking every single day in hopes that the video kickstarter will be posted.

      I love it the the choir’s back again! VC3 was fantastic and amazing and I can’t wait for the fourth.

    • Eve

      Haha, or, just occurred to me, you can go to the fanzone ( and subscribe there for updates.

  • Francesca

    YYYYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! When? I can not wait!! anything, just sing!!!!

  • Bill Steffenhagen

    Your virtual choirs make me weep. I’m a Baritone. Sing locally. Some solo work. I want very much to join the VC4. Please advise process.

  • Louis

    Please be Seal Lullaby!

  • Marykate

    Please please please be “When David Heard” or “Leonardo”. Ugh, I would die if it was either one of those. I can’t wait to join for the first time!

  • MaryMRevis

    **ATTENTION** Need to know how to be a part of Virtual Choir 4 and how to know what to sing for it. If ANYONE has ay answers..would appreciate it *smile*

    • Sally

      Mary – click through to the fanzone section above and sign up, you will get an email when announcements are made for the next Virtual Choir project

  • Melissa

    How does one join VC4 exactly? I can’t find the Kickstarter. Does that mean it’s not up yet?

    • Sally

      Melissa, the kickstarter hasn’t kicked off yet. Sign up for email news in teh fanzone section of this website. Is sang in Virtual Choir 3, you will love being a part of it.

  • Richard Stober

    I am not tech-savvy, but I would love to be involved in your work if you can give me some guidance. I sing bass in our church choir and love classical/baroque choral music.

  • Ginger

    When, When, When? I want to audition…be a part! So excited… you have no idea.

  • monserrat

    i love your work and the voices of the world. i would like to join your vc4 plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alfréd Kovács

    It would be nice to sing Leonardo! :) But I think he might just wrote a piece just for the VC.
    Generally I just want to sing so bad! :D

  • jmoore

    I missed the first 3 but really want to be part of VC4. I have watched the others so many times and love your work. it is so soul inspiring.

  • Felix Miranda

    Aren’t we singing a new arrangement of “Bliss” from Paradise Lost?

  • Bronson Loera

    Just made a $25 pledge to the VC4 Kickstarter.