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The Coolest People on Earth

February 16, 2010 at 8:49 pm UTC

I can’t tell if this is real or a parody. All I know is that it transcends space and time and makes me genuinely proud to be a band geek.

I’m working hard on the Lux scholarships. SO many good singers!

  • Robbie Bennett

    Wow….Really does capture the true essence of being in band I guess!

    Can’t wait until the scholarships are announced!

  • Courtney Lea

    HA! And those people are from IOWA!!!!!!! BOO YEAH!
    Oooooh yeah – we Iowans know how to ROCK! \m/

    Can’t wait to hear about the scholarships too of course!

  • Elliott

    Has anyone ever made on o’ these for orch dorks? Anyone? …Guys?

  • Jeremiah Mullen

    Rofl! Wow…that’s awesome.

    Can’t for the scholarship announcements and the final video! =D

    I’ve become an obsessive compulsive 10-minute checker of your blog and the EWVC YouTube channel in a matter of days…

  • Paige

    I admit, the spit valve made me choke a little :P

    I missed out on being a band geek cause my middle school didn’t offer electives (teeny teeny private one in Monterey, CA), so by the time I hit high school, it was too late. I was a choir/drama geek instead!! Still no tan…

  • Scott

    My money’s on that’s legit.

    I love band geeks.

  • Caitlin Hepburn

    So excited to hear about the scholarship winners. :)

  • Davis Good

    That was fantastic!

  • Melody Myers

    Wow! That was so funny! And I agree that it’s true! Love it :)

    Plus can’t wait to see who the other scholarship winners are!

  • Amber Darlington


    That video makes me proud to be a band nerd…and how much I actually miss it.

    And hoorah for scholarship winners!

    /waits patiently

  • Tessy

    Haha! I never knew you were a band nerd too (along with choir nerd)! :) Or maybe I should just call you a music nerd… :D

    That was hilarious, and so very true! Music is an excellent developmental tool for people of all ages. If only other educators could understand that, then there wouldn’t be any music (or arts classes) cut from the schools…

    Anyways, gotta love brass players and their spit valves. I remember how awkward it was to use spit valves when I was in brass methods class.

    I’m so excited to hear who the scholarship winners are (even though I didn’t get a chance to participate). Good luck everyone!!

  • Sam

    Wow, haha, that is perfect (except we all know that orchestra is forever superior to band). :P

  • Dylan Morrongiello

    I kind of hate how they end the commercial with the crappy oboe player…such as stereotype…

  • angelinagray


    I was an odd bird in high school…I sang in two choirs, played flute/piccolo in the band, and contrabass in orchestra. I transcended the department competition. :D

    Honestly though…being in 3 choirs in college now doesn’t allow time for band/orchestra…*sniff* I’m hoping when I transfer in the fall I can be a “three-fer” again!

    Also….yeah. COMPULSIVE checker. :) I know the most deserving folks will get chosen!

  • Courtney Lea

    Just to clear things up, (since I’m from Iowa) YES – the commercial IS real! lol

  • Sam

    Yeah, I can confirm that, too (I live in Des Moines).

  • Kerri


  • Mark

    (As an Iowan citizen) Yes, it’s for real… Those guys who did it are “Rhett and Link”, and they’ve teamed up with a company to go to random businesses and do free commercials for them… And purposely make them cheesy and bad… You should check this one out! ( It’s my favorite! =)

    By the way, Mr. Whitacre, I love your choral music! You have been blessed with an amazing gift!

  • Teresa Ulrich

    Oh my gosh, Rhett and Link!! One of the best choral composers of the 21st Century, and the best musical comedy duo all on one website… two worlds colliding into one. Isn’t the internet fantastic?

  • Tammy

    OMG, Rhett and Link, and all the comments from Iowa colliding!! I am from Iowa, and I LOVE Rhett and Link! Thanks for pointing this article out, Teresa U!

    Everyone (especially Iowans), check out, they have SO many more great videos like this one. If you love music and hilarity, you will love Rhett and Link!

  • Anna

    It’s a real commercial. Rhett and Link are pretty awesome people!

  • Beadden

    I am a regular at the store. It is the best music store in the area.

  • Charlie Morgan

    Yep, that’s a real commercial for a real music store in the very real Sioux City, IA. I’m a band director in Sioux City, and that’s the go-to place for instrument rentals for all my Bandies.

  • Amy


    Totally legit. I was a band geek in Sioux City, IA and I rented my instruments from Rays. I haven’t lived there or visited for years, so I haven’t seen the commerical yet. Thanks for the memories!