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The Master Speaks

January 7, 2011 at 9:37 am UTC

From a recent interview with Arvo Pärt:

Searching for a solution that would connect his emotional, musical and spiritual lives together, Pärt, at a loss for inspiration, went outside into the snow one morning and asked the cleaner: “What should a composer do?” “Well, he should love every note,” was the reply. “No professor had ever told me something like that,” Pärt said, and this single sentence crystallised his thinking. He realised that to really love every note, to really understand the connections between even a tiny handful of musical pitches, could be the source of lifetime of composition and contemplation.

For me, that completely summarizes the goal, and the process. Click here to read the rest of the excellent interview.

  • Miggy Torres

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing! Can't wait till the interview airs.

  • Rob Henderson

    God I love Arvo Pärt. His music is the very definition of minimalistic beauty. He can do SO much with so little.

  • Corinne Meadors

    Excellent article. The fact that Part lives a somewhat solitary life makes sense. To be a composer is to accept a "calling", no? To welcome this course of existence bears many responsibilities and the burden of how to "seize" the music and metamorphose it into a gift.