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The Virtual Choir on CBC’s “Spark”

April 23, 2010 at 3:25 pm UTC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s excellent radio broadcast Spark has produced a very nice feature about The Virtual Choir. (They interviewed me last week in NYC). You can download the podcast here, or listen to the live broadcast this Sunday 1:05 local time (4:05 on the West Coast).

  • Tessy

    That was very cool!! :)

  • Jennifer

    Extraordinary. Heard the cbc radio piece, and just viewed the video(s). Thank you for creating this marvellous piece of communal art and reminding us that, even virtually, we are all connected.

  • Ashley

    I absolutely adore Spark, technology, and choral music. When I heard the interview and checked out the videos I was stunned, and so delighted that I had to tell everyone I knew. You've made me homesick for choir rehearsals.