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The Virtual Choir on!

April 17, 2010 at 4:48 pm UTC

Chris Anderson of TED has graciously chosen the Virtual Choir as a featured video on TED’s Best of the Web page. Can’t begin to tell you how hard I am geeking out on this – is easily my favorite site on the web, the source of countless hours of inspiration.

The Virtual Choir on!

  • Tove

    This is so great! I'm on! Sort of. For a second or two, at least. It's awesome all the same!

    Actually, a national magazine about choir music here in Sweden tracked me down and called me up, wanting to ask me about the virtual choir. You've really initiated something wonderful!

  • David Walker

    What a great compliment! Any news on when you'll be a speaker?

  • Matt W

    From the TED comments:

    "As some other commenters have said, I'd like to see Eric speak at TED"

    How about it eh?

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