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Virtual Choir 3

September 27, 2011 at 3:47 pm UTC

We’ll be making the big announcement soon. To make sure you receive all the updates, please sign up here.

Who’s ready? WOO HOO!

  • Jesse Warren

    I’m SO ready!! Can we make guesses?? :-)

  • Allison Menegoni

    Who’s ready? WHO’S READY?? I’m ready! Oooo! Pick me! Oooo! PICK ME!!! This is fabulous, Eric. So exciting. Cannot wait to hear more.

  • Chelsea C.

    is this for making a new one?!

  • Tyler Hahn

    Soooo excited!!!!! I want to sing in the virtual choir so bad!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Yay! So excited for this years choir!

  • Elizabeth Anz


  • Courtney Lea

    I’ve been thinking to myself for the past few days, “When is EWVC 3 gonna start?”
    If I’m already starting to think that, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready and waiting. :D

  • Aviel Man Ballo

    I sense a Cloudburst coming on… but I’ll be ecstatic no matter what you choose!

    • Krista

      I HOPE it’s Cloudburst! Gorgeous piece!! :D

    • Amber

      i ditto the vote for Cloudburst

      • Angela

        Same!!! Singing this in choir now. I keep falling in love with it every time I hear it. *sigh* Wow.

  • Ashley

    I hope by “soon” we actually mean tomorrow or this week or maybe next week. I need to start preparing! I’ve been dying to get a chance at this!

  • Megan Pagan

    Ever since I learned about VC I have been waiting for 3.0 so I can participate! Super excited! :)

  • Barbara Dobree

    Wow ! How do i get on board? So peaceful, both 1 & 2. And the 61 on minute version !
    What’s next? I can’t imagine, but I want to sing with everyone.


  • Cooper


    • Jesse Warren

      I have a good feeling it is going to be Water Night!! :D Look at the hint he gave us with the picture… dark blue water texture?? :D I think yes!

  • Sheena Stallings

    Ok, so if you do cloudburst I will officially crap my pants. :-P

  • Emily Fitzgerald

    Ahhhhhh!!! Is all I can seem to get out. Holy moley am I excited. Thank you Eric for bringing happiness to my stressed out college days! YES! Thank you, THANK YOU! Get pumped ya’ll!

  • ehSun

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!i’m from iran,me and my friends are so pumped for this happening,we wish to be in!

  • Robert Neel


  • Alex Verburg

    I cannot wait!!!! I have always wanted to participate, and now is the chance!! I will not sit this one out. :)

  • Jennifer Davis

    Ahhhhh!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to get some of my students to participate this time. Woo hoo!

  • Brigitte Zyla

    I cannot wait for the news to come out! i’m so excited

  • Kathy Alexander

    I missed out on the first two concerts and am sooooo readyy to try out for the next one. Maybe my class can participate??? getting the next generation pumped!!!!

  • Miggy Torres


  • Jacob Devol

    Woohoo! Water Night! A Boy and A Girl! With A Lily In Your Hand! These are my favorites :)

  • Alison P

    Gosh. I would be so ecstatic if it were Water Night. That’s the song that first introduced me to Eric. I would absolutely love to be apart of the Virtual Choir, especially if it were that piece.

  • Julie L.

    Yay!! I want to participate! I would like to hear Cloudburst or When David Heard! My FAVES!!

  • Andrew Orlowicz

    I’d like participate, but I’m a horrible singer :-/

  • Logan L. Thompson


  • Justin

    I AM SO PUMPED!!! :D Missing the first two, but seeing the amazingness of it all makes me wanna jump with joy! <3 this is my year to make it :D

  • Jon Fisher

    Lets do SEAL LULLABY!!! That would be AWESOME!!!

  • Daniel Hall

    The Seal Lullaby would be absolutely magnificent. I’d never experienced so much emotion with a song until I listened to it. You truly made Rudyard Kipling’s poem come to life.

  • Jillian Trimble

    What soooooong!! :DDD

  • Jerry Merkel

    OMG! I think he’s sticking with the classics here, no long songs, it’s probably going to be A boy and a girl., just because its the perfect length and its has that choir nack. Could be This Marriage, but Go, lovely rose might be to long.

    • Jesse Warren

      I’m thinking Water Night! :p

  • Lisa Benincasa

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!

  • Lisa Benincasa


  • Katie Blank

    Oh-my-goodness-gracious-I-can’t-waaaaaait!!! I’m crossing my fingers for Water Night, but no matter what it is going to be spectacular!

  • Camille

    Ever since I hear “sleep” virtual choir 2 I have been dying to get the chance to participate in the next one.
    Can’t wait to see what it will be!!!!

  • Ed

    My face upon visiting this site:

    :| Doo dee doo procrastination…

    :O What’s this at the top that I see?

    8O WAT.

    8D *gasp*


  • Tina Sutherland

    I think maybe I’m feeling, Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine? I’m so excited for this I didn’t get to do the Sleep one, but I so want to do this one!!!

  • Daniel

    I’m Ready!!!!!

  • Ryn

    I am very excited and I am really looking forward to participating. I learned about this after 2.0 was posted and I’ve wanted to join in since.
    Can’t wait for the announcement!!!

  • Tania

    I’m ready!!!!!!!!!

  • John Sturt

    I wanted to take part in VC2 but couldn’t. I WON’T FAIL THIS TIME!

  • Brian


  • Mohamed

    I CANNOT WAIT! Singing in Virtual Choir 2.0 was like eating cake for the first time. IM IN HEAVEN!

    • Crystal Isom

      Yes, yes it was! Gaaaaah! :)

  • Nathan

    I heard rumors that this might be an original piece. Like one he wrote just for VC3.

  • Ed

    I cannot wait!!! I didn’t have time to prepare Sleep last time, but I am so excited!

  • Pablo

    My first virtual choir!! I can’t wait for it!!!!

  • Caitlin

    HURRY ERIC! HURRY and tell us. I can’t take the suspense. It’s worse than waiting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  • Alex Rabah

    Cmon Eric! My choir teacher is holding off to pick another piece because she wants to do another Whitacre piece but she needs to choose soon, if you can let us know soon we will all be able to sing it!!!

  • James

    I didn’t do the last two because I was a little bit scared of showing how bad my voice is! But I’ll practice for this one! Hope it’s When David Heard – I can’t wait to try that high A entrance for the tenor part on “O Absalom!”

  • Tess Ottinger

    WHEN DO WE FIND OUT?!!!!! :D

  • Natasha

    I’m soooo ready! WOOO! can’t wait! :D

  • Linda Holland

    Yes!!! Ready!!! Sooooooo happy and excited with anticipation!!!

  • Stephanie Helena

    OMG!!!! I CANT WAIT!! ive ALWAYS wanted to do this!

  • Scott Kazmi

    i can’t wait to be a part of this

  • pedro

    omfg i am so excited
    i wonder whats the piece

  • Martin Denkovski

    We started reading “Water Night” two weeks ago, and I like it very much. And in my choir there are quite a lot Water Night fans, so there will be 10+ voices from Macedonia for EWVC 3. :-)

  • Brandon

    I too have a nagging hunch that this is going to be an original work for the Virtual Choir.

    If it’s not an original work, I imagine it would be Water Night (the picture seems to suggest it as well)….Personally, though, I wouldn’t mind doing A Boy and a Girl :).

  • Ellen Herbert

    I NEED to be part of this extraordinary phenomena–I’m ready when you are! When?

  • Jasonbres

    Thank you, Mr. Whitacre! I only found out about Virtual Choir after the 2nd one was posted on YouTube and kept thinking, “Why wasn’t I a part of that?” Now that I’m no longer a student, I really miss singing in choirs. Now’s my chance to do so!! Can’t wait!

  • Allie Drain

    Oh my gosh!!! I am soooo excited!!! Can’t wait to see what the song is! I love all of Eric’s pieces :D

  • Andee

    Oh gosh I’m so riduclously excited for this! I’d love it if it ends up being Water Night. Or A Boy and A Girl.

  • Diogo

    Can I sing?

  • Morgan Adams

    It will really be so awsome if I had to sing in Mr. Whitacre’s choir I was born to sing God bless this V3

  • Morgan Adams

    the previous choir group was so amazing Well done

  • Jack

    Hope, Faith, Life, Love is a very underrated piece by many and has a very special meaning to me and all the members of the Duluth East A’Cappella Choir (08-09). I think it would be quite an excellent selection for a future virtual choir piece.

  • Ben

    Are there tryouts?

  • charles

    my money is on water night!!!!

  • Mitchell Crosby

    I’m so excited!

  • Katie Atkins

    This will be my first time auditioning for Virtual Choir, i’m SO excited & nervous!

  • Scott Kazmi

    i would kinda like to do Leonardo… but it is a very technical tune,,, if we can do it… it would be awesome

  • Robert Frankford

    Im thinking it’s gonna be Water Night…I love that piece…I hope that he also one day will do the Seal Lullaby,,,,just saying…

  • Christopher Otto

    Seal Lullaby? Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium? Monteverdi’s Vespers from beginning to end? All of the above???

    See y’all there…

    • Christopher Otto

      Wait, I take that back — I just listened to that clip of ‘Alleluia’ on the main blog page. Can we do that one??

  • Dean Anderson

    I would absolutely be over the moon to sing with Eric’s choir…what an honour and lifelong dream to sing with the world!! I’ve been a huge fan for years now, and LOVE to sing…I’ll be watching, waiting, and practicing!!

  • Anastassia

    I’m DEFINITELY participating again!! So excited! :D :D :D

  • Kerry Gerraty

    So very excited! I was too late to participate last time but am so in it this time!!!!!

  • Athena

    I cannot wait until it is announced. This is so very exciting and I would love to join this year! definitely excited!

  • Austin Yost

    I am going to make sure everyone in my choir partisipates! SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

  • Shinhee Son

    This is just the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. I’m so ready!!!

  • Patricia Reid

    I have soooo wanted to try out for this. I’ve been in many choirs, but this is the ultimate!

  • Samuel Sweet

    I’m so happy to be apart of this! I can’t wait to start on the music! WOHOO

  • Makenzie Beaman

    I was captivated the first time I listened to the virtual choir! I can’t wait to try out!

  • Sarah Parsons

    OH MY GOSH!!! I’ve been waiting for this forever!!!!! Ever since I saw the first 2, which I unfortunately didn’t know about at the time, I’ve wanted to be a part of VC 3.0 soooo bad!!!! Please come REALLY SOON!!!!!! :D

  • Ulfur Reynisson

    this may seem like a stupid question but how do i join the choir?

    • Mitchell Crosby

      Whenever he announces the song, people will send in their videos to be selected for the choir.

  • maya

    I already sang Lux aurumque in a choire in Germany. I heard of this virtual choire, and it would be the best thing to join the great project this time.
    Best regrads

  • Anarane

    Just brushed my hair , cleared my throat…Ready Mr. Whitacre! (making the Eric Roar Face) Ahhhh!
    This time I think we should all be pen pals. You laugh? …but why not? I got kinda’ sad when the rays dissapeared and the globes faded. Anyone else???

  • Terry Burns

    I am looking forward to Virtual Choir 3.0. Whoo Hoo!

  • Kat

    I am so beyond ready, Mr. Whitacre. Any piece you have us sing will be incredible. I just want to know what it is! Any idea as to when we will be finding out more information? It’s already been 6 weeks.

  • MarlinM

    I missed ‘Sleep’ (my fave song) and I will NOT miss this one. So excited!!! I need to buy a new webcam!!!

  • Wendy

    I’d love to do this, and my students (who the performance of ‘Sleep’ actually made spellbound and miraculously silent!) would love to watch the process! Awesome work Eric! Awesome, awesome work.

  • Rosie O’Connor

    I really want to do “A Boy And A Girl”. I think that song is amazing and not many people know it.

  • Lincoln

    I’m really excited to participate, considering I just found out about the virtual choir about a week ago from my orchestra teacher!! Can’t wait!!

  • Anne

    Ready and waiting! I saw the most recent choir, and boy, was I impressed!

  • Sofia Maura

    Really excited to participate, considering the Music Workshop that I attended in Bilbao. Amazing. It was so awesome! I need to buy a webcam.. Ready and waiting!!

  • Ryn

    These past 47 days have been so long! I am so excited! I check every day for the big announcement.

    • Ryn

      oh. I just read the comment that said it opened mid-December. This is going to take FOREVER! But I can wait, cause I wanna do it so bad.

  • Queena

    JOIN ^_^

  • Marija

    Your Lux Arumque was simply beautiful. I hope to be singing in your next virtual choir. Your past virtual choirs have been exceptional. I truly cannot wait!

  • Blake

    Nox Aurumqueeee!

    • Amber Jennings

      Yes! I totally agree! Nox Arumque would be epic if he did it! The Adv. Chorus I’m in performed it and it was amazing and so beautiful, so i couldn’t imagine how amazing it would be with 100x the people :)

  • lauren

    OMG! I heard about Eric Whitacre last year and saw both the virtual choirs! I SOOOO WANNA BE IN THIS NEXT ONE!

  • lauren

    I want soooooooooo badly to be in this next one! Virtual Choir 3 . . . HERE I COME! *8DDDDDDDDDDD*

  • AddieB

    So, it’s close enough to December. Can you please announce the song???? I check this site almost every day to see whether the song has been posted or not. Obsession? I think yes. I’m so excited!! :-)

  • Stephanie

    OMG!!! I can’t wait for when we can start submitting auditions! XD Really really wanna get in, cant wait! so exciting! :)

  • Stephanie

    Just found out about the VC afew weeks ago, and I cant wait for auditions to start being accepted! I wonder what piece we’ll be singing……? Waiting with great anticipation!!! XD

  • Larry Burden

    I’m looking forward to 3.0. Was so inspired by 2.0 a local middle school choir director and I have started a virtual choir for secondary students I hope the students involved in ours will cross over and join 3.0

  • Alex Free

    Are auditions still open to newcomers for the Virtual Choirs!?!
    Ahhhh! I am so excited for Virtual Choir 3! PLEASE DO WATER NIGHT!

  • Amber Jennings

    Sooo excited!! You should totally do Nox Arumque :) That would be EPIC :D

  • Jessica

    The suspense is killing me!!!! lol

  • Justin Vanni

    Please, please, please be when david heard.

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    Ah, I’m so excited! Will there be auditions for newcomers? Can’t wait for 3.0 to launch off!

  • A.J.

    Seriously can’t wait! I missed the first two because I didn’t know about it. I’m going to guess that he wrote a song just for this. What would be cool is if he decided to open up the opportunity to a symphony orchestra along with a choir.

  • Tae Haeng Lee

    But where do I get the music sheet from? should I just listen to the recorded music and learn from it and then send my personal recording for Virtual Choir 3?

  • Amanda Lee

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited!!! I wanted to do VC2 but I just chickened out. This year, I am definitely going to do it!

    PLEASEEEEEEEE let it be Water Night! Ahhhh!!!

  • Alyssa

    I can’t wait! I fell in love with 2.0! I so badly want to be a part of 3.0!!!

  • Ryan


    I hope he tells us what it is. The suspense is killing me. Waaaaaaaahhh!!!

  • Abby

    I found out about you today and became an instant fan!! I’ve heard both the virtual choirs and love them. I’ve only heard those 2 songs but I definately love “Sleep”.

  • Deborah Jones

    I LOVE your music!!

  • Katie

    I cannot wait! ahhhhhhhhh! Please please please let it be A Boy and A Girl! PLEASE!

  • Dylan M.

    I am very excited to try the new virtual choir. I am a big fan of Eric’s work and would love the opportunity to be a part of his choir.

  • Beverly Read

    I want to join! So I’m watching for the announcement. I don’t care what music it is, just want to be part of it.

  • Ed

    I cannot wait, and can anyone tell me how selection works exactly? I was under the impression that every entry that met criteria was accepted. Can anyone confirm or deny? Either way, I’m so excited for this project.

  • Lucinda da Camara

    It would be an honour!!!!!

  • Logan

    I would love for the piece to be Hope, Faith, Life, Love. The piece is eight words, yet arguably one of Whitacre’s greatest.

  • Dylan krumnm

    this is great i loved the v2 and now I want to do it now this is exciting when will he release the song so i can practice and record yay!!!

  • Thomas

    I’m very excited for this! But “soon” was said on Sept. 27 and its safe to say soon has come and gone, BUT I’M JUST SO EXCITED! Please be With a Lily! I know it would be hard to line up first text and rhythm but frankly it would be worth the effort! Or Water Night but add the strings to the choral so we can get instrumentalists involved! I am friends with 2 people who did the Youtube orchestra for the string section and I know they would love to do it! Along with many other uvic students in the music program!

  • Angli

    Can’t wait! I am looking forward to something really different!

  • haylee merritt

    How do we sign up for virtual choir?

  • Ryan

    The Seal Lullaby?Hope it is!

  • Joeli Baldwin

    OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!!!! Can hardly wait for the details for VR3! My daughter and I both plan to sing along!

  • Will

    Awsome definitely want to sing for this one!!!!!

  • CaliJaq89

    Why not do the piece that started it all, your first piece “Go, Lovely Rose”….the harmonies in this are absolutely divine.

  • Olivia

    Hey I have seen your last two virtual choirs ad i would like to be a part of your next one! it looks like a lot of fun and your music is beautiful! My chorus teacher suggested that we all make a video and send it to you! <3 thank you

  • Kristelle

    *crosses fingers*Please be Hebrew. Please be Hebrew. Please be Hebrew.
    ….-if it’s not Hebrew-
    *shrugs* Let’s get saangin guys!

  • Trevor

    i really hope its When David Heard….that song is so amazing…

  • Mirae

    This blog update was in september so does that mean it’s too late for me to be a part of this? If not I would REALLY Love to be in it!!! <33

  • Robert

    I’d love any of the songs but my favorite is When David Heard

  • Megan

    We are singing “Sleep” in a Cappella in Casper, Wyoming and I cannot wait to join the virtual choir.

  • Jay

    Tomorrow will officially be mid-December… I am dying with anticipation….

  • Sarah

    Oh man, Seal Lullaby would be amazing! Plus, I already know my part in that. Haha! Can’t wait for the announcement!

  • Peter Ritchie

    My money’s on Alleluia from October…. Come on Eric am I right?? :-)

  • Stephanie

    “Seal Lullaby” would probably completely throw me, because it would be the SATB version and I learned the SSA version with my choir. But it’s still an awesome song, so I’d love to do it anyway.

    Either way I just want a song to do now! :)

  • Isabella

    I’m so excited for this! I didn’t find out about the virtual choir until after ”Sleep” was released and was disapointed that I couldn’t be a part in it but I’m definitely not going to miss my chance this time! My school choir is doing ”The Seal Lullaby” for our LA tour in 2012 and I love it!

  • Genna

    mid-December? does this count? sorry, I’m just SO antsy. I cannot wait to start.

  • Romana

    i can not absolutely wait!!! this is going to be way to much fun. and to sing an eric whitacre composed song!!! uggghhh #excited much

  • Rachel Thomas

    I’m so excited! My friend and I are gonna do this as soon as it is announced! Can’t wait to see what the song is!

  • Crystal Isom

    Sleep was such an amazing one to do, now lets do the most amazing one of all, Water Night!!! Please, please, please…..

  • Chris Mar

    I hope it would be Cloudburst! Every time I hear that song, Sleep, Lux, or basically anything by Eric!, but specifically Cloudburst, I always feel like I’m in EPCOT. If you’ve been there and heard the background music, you’d know what I mean.

  • Joel S

    Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine!!! I sooo vote for that, it’s so epic, and tells the best story. I can listen to it over and over!

  • Maddie

    This was announced in September… and it’s December… it is still happening right?

  • Anna

    I want to be a part of this so badly, the Virtual Choirs are so beautiful and moving. What an honor it would be to be a part of something of this caliber.

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  • Robert

    WATER NIGHT!!!!!

  • julia bokunewicz

    Omg yesss. Sleep last time was ballin I can’t wait!

  • Pete

    Water Night

  • Thomas

    Ok, i like what I see, I’m in!

  • Marti Dawson

    I’m so glad Eric picked “Water Night”…it gave me goose bumps and tears when I first heard it…I’m still practicng, not quite ready to jump into the VC3 pool yet, but soon, very soon!! Good luck to us all!! God Bless and a Happy New Year, almost!!

  • donna

    Has there been any official announcement yet?

  • singa

    Can I find Eric conducting the VC3 song on youtube already?

  • Bev

    Can I still be part of the virtual choir? Please tell me how to be a part!

  • fakih

    i hope that next virtual choir is hope,faith,life,love.
    i’m very like this song

  • Georgie

    Awesome – so pleased to be part of it!

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