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Virtual Choir 3: Water Night

December 21, 2011 at 2:04 pm UTC

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 3: Water Night

OK, gang, here we go! The piece we will perform for Virtual Choir 3 is Water Night, an a cappella work I composed in 1995.

This time our goal is to expand the idea of our ‘performance space.’  The final film will exist not only as a beautiful online video but also as a powerful audio-visual art exhibit, placed in cities around the world. Visitors to these installations will get the chance to literally walk through our Virtual Choir, a deeply immersive experience using surround sound and panoramic video, tailored for each venue. Imagine someone standing in the middle of the Virtual Choir as we sing the line “if you open your eyes”!

We’re also using some new technologies to better capture and synchronize your performances and make the whole recording process seamless. Some of this stuff is fairly cutting-edge, especially given the number of singers we are anticipating.  Water Night splits into 14 different voice parts, so this time around it’s all about raising our game: beautiful singing, advanced technology and building a community from all over the world.

The deadline for submissions this time is January 31st, 2012, so don’t procrastinate. Together we will continue to aspire to inspire, coming together to create a work of beauty and wonder.

Please visit the official Virtual Choir site to watch the introduction video and the conductor track. WOO HOO!

  • Miggy Torres


    • Rebecca Pitocco


  • Rachel

    I’m so glad I can participate in this one! I missed the first two, so this is a wonderful opportunity for me. Yay! xD THANK YOU ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    My favorite Whitacre piece.

  • Shelagh Fisher


  • John

    AWESOME! I am looking forward to being able to be involved this time.
    A great pick, Eric.

  • Anthony Cooksey

    WooooHoooo! So exciting :)

  • Michelle k

    I think I just squealed out loud at work. Hahaha I’m so excited!! I just bought the Eric Whitacre Collection so I have all the parts to look at also! Squeeeeee!!

  • Jon Fisher

    Just started practicing! I am SO going to prove how much I am NOT a procrastinator and get it in before the weeks end! ^_^

  • Rebecca Pitocco

    Do you know of any resource that has an audio of the Alto part for Water Night? This is one of the songs that my choir has not preformed and it would really help me to have that separate audio. Other than that, I am SUPER EXCITED!!! this will be my first!

    • Michelle k

      On the resource tab of the VC page they request us to notify the VC staff if we think our video could help someone else learn. Hopefully some quick learners will get videos sent in soon for the rest of us to listen to. :-) Keep an eye on that Resource page.

      • Rebecca Pitocco

        thank you!

      • Anarane

        I really hope and pray that people will submit videos for those of us who could use a little help.

  • JK

    Are we still able to submit multiple videos for singing different parts?

  • Khari

    I’m so excited about this one, being that I missed the last two, I can’t wait :DD

  • Daniel

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to the page? I have been trying for days and can’t get the page to load.

    • Martien

      The practicing goes very well; I really would like to participate, but I also have problems with the page. I can not record my contribution. What can be the problem? I gets stuck at the page

  • Luinathiel

    I was so excited to hear that Virtual Choir 3 finally was happening, but when I watched the introduction video I got a little discouraged… You mention so many times that you aim for the best possible performance and I’m not some sort of chamber choir prodigy. I’m quite good at singing but this going on and on about how perfect it should be makes me doubt my ability. I hope you find my comment and can tell whether there is a point for me to even try, because I will sure put my all into this and do it as best as I can but that’s all I can do, and I don’t want to waste my time if I won’t be included any way…
    I got a feeling last time (although I found out too late about VC 2) that it was more about participating for the sake of it, rather than being perfect, and that approach was a lot more involving.

    • Eric

      Luinathiel, you MUST join!!! You can do it – I believe in you.

  • Jennifer Boone

    I’m actually hoping to have my entire Advanced HS Choir do this as a class project. However, when I tried to play the intro video, show them how the site was set up, and demonstrate how to practice, etc. in class yesterday, the website was not working. Anybody know what the problem is?? Thanks!

  • Martien Stoeten

    Hi people and Eric,
    I would really love to join, but I still have problems after logging in and pressing the Record-button. It states having problems with the internetpage, HTTP-500 error. Is there a solution for this? Who can help?
    Martien (Netherlands)

  • Jacob

    I heard about this from the choir teacher at my school today, and am really excited to record along with most of the other people in my groups!

  • ellis jard

    Some one please explain to me why I have such a visceral dislike of this sort of modern choral music? I love Gregorian chant, pre-Baroque, Russian Orthodox choral music, opera (except most Baroque opera). Except it’s something to do with the cluster tones. It’s like fingernails on a chalk board. As per M Torres comment, “iiiiiiicckkk!” Dull.

  • Peter Bouchier

    I have a little trouble practicing Water Night bass part line 11 bar 2 as it doesn’t seem to match the audio track. New version perhaps?
    It’s great to be part of such a beautiful project though. Good luck everyone!

  • Peter Bouchier

    Where are those other 1700 singers from VC2 ? We miss you!

  • Abigail

    I would love to participate in this, but I don’t know where to find sheet music for it on time to practice, record my performance, and submit the video. However, I will try my very hardest. It seems like a magical experience!

    • Jacob

      You can record right on here, has your part and everything.

  • Patty Nieves

    So bummed I missed the deadline. I want in on the next one. This is amazing.

  • Roger Elliott

    It’s a great piece of art…A creation of and for our humanity………….
    I hope there is a FOUR…I’d like to participate!

  • bonnie gregory

    i got a email that i was uploaded and involved but i did not see my name in the credits why not? not good for me and my heart