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  • Dinah Ayre

    Bliss? We get to sing Bliss? Ooohh… I get goosebumps just thinking about this. I love Paradise Lost, I absolutely adore this song, and the thought of a final video with thousands and thousands of people singing it, well, it pretty much made my week.
    Are you writing a new arrangement of this specifically for the virtual choir, by any chance?

  • Paul

    Hello! “is Eric Whitacre writing a new arrangement of this specifically for the virtual choir 4, by any chance?”

  • Kathy Bunn

    I have been in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln select choir (which then became just a community choir with no try-outs) as well as many years in Westminster’s church choir. It’s been years since I’ve been in a choir, but I would love to try this.

  • Danny Els

    Does anyone know where we can find the sheet music for bliss so we can all make our videos for the next virtual choir??

  • Patton Rice

    OK Eric, I won’t procrastinate this time and wait until the last minute. You’ll be glad to know that not only will I do my part, but several of my students, and here’s the kicker, my daughter will upload their parts. Hannah has a beautiful young soprano voice and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. Be well and enjoy what’s left of the holiday season:-)

  • Tj Miller

    I am so excited. :) I am definitely going to make a video for this one, I just barely missed the last one. So excited. :)

  • Amber Pantle

    I wanted to do VC3, but like the procrastinator I am, I waited too long and I eventually never got the chance to sing in it. But not this time :) I’m going all out. I love singing, and I miss being in choir. :) I can’t wait to start!

  • Svea Falkberg

    Definitely going to submit for this! Our choir at my school is also thinking of all of them submitting a video of us all singing. If not, doesn’t matter to me! I’m definitely submitting for this wonderful thing. Where can we find the sheet music for Bliss?

  • Delilah H

    When will you start to accept the admissions for VC4?
    Also when will they be due?
    How can I submit them? So many questions lol.

  • Sarah Werner

    Just donated! WOOT!! Can’t wait to start connecting and working on this next musical journey.

  • P.T. Mahoney

    I cannot wait to record my video for Bliss! Whitacre is a superhero of choral music. This is going to be a blast.

  • Erika Allen

    I am a 14 year old who loves to sing but no one cares to listen. This is a perfect opportunity for me to do something with my voice aside from singing in the shower!!! I am so thrilled to be a part of this…when do we get music? HEEE HEEEE!!!!
    This is going to be PHENOMENAL!!!

  • Erin Gregg

    I happened to stumble upon your TED talk in which you introduced the 2.0 version of the Virtual Choir; I cried…like a baby. I sang soprano with the same choir for 8 years before aging out and moving on to college. Since then I have sang in public only a handful of times but it remains my passion and joy. I was beyond excited to find out that the Virtual Choir is still making beautiful music and was wondering how someone like me could get involved. Even if it is too late I look forward to listening to the next installment soon!

  • Mary

    I’m excited about Bliss and wonder when and how we will get the music for it. Since this is my first time, anyone have pointers on how he contacts, if not on this site or via email?

  • Joey

    I am very excited for this virtual choir. I really want to be a part of this. How do I know when submissions take place or where I get the music? I don’t want to miss this one!

  • Noel Amaral

    Okay, so my daughter and I signed up a few weeks ago to sing in the choir. Could someone please explain to me how we get our parts and when we should begin to learn them. Thanks ever so much!

  • Steve

    I’m excited to be signed up for the VC4 event at ACDA in Dallas this weekend, but I have not received an email containing the link to download the Bliss sheet music. Any help?

  • Danny Els

    Is the sheet music out yet!!!!!?!

  • Ben Cheesecake Williams

    Is it too late for submissions?

    • Ashley S

      Not quite. VC4 isn’t even out yet. (:

  • Wilma Basson

    Hi there Maestro – is the Alto Part of the music score out for the VC4 yet? Where and how do I get it? HELP PLEASE!!! I do not want to miss this! I have donated on the Kickstart Project and can’t wait to take part! Good luck with all the hard work! You and your team are amazing!

    • Ashley S

      It hasn’t been released yet, but if you sign up for the Fanzone, you will get an email notifying you when the music has been released. (:

    • Brandon A

      I just had a reply from Eric’s Virtual Choir in Facebook, it will be posted after his concert today!!! :) I cant wait ugh

  • David M Howard

    Recorded two parts yesterday – was third ‘flag’ for the UK on the VC4 world map!

  • Eli B

    Is it possible to submit one recording with four people singing four different parts?