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Pirates of the Caribbean IV

I co-composed the “Mermaid Theme” with Hans Zimmer and conducted some of the choral sessions. I had the time of my life! Hans is a brilliant composer and a generous collaborator; can’t wait to work with him again.

That’s my wife Hila Plitmann singing all the solo stuff, BTW. She also invented the Mermaid language they are singing, a combination of Latin, Hebrew, and as she says, ‘Elvish.’ Geek.

  • Ian Kilpatrick

    There is nothing that I can type into this little box that would describe how amazing this music is.

  • Sarah Aherne

    Hey this is an amazing piece of music, and I was thinking of singing it in an exam. Is there any way that I could get the lyrics for this? I understand that I probably wouldn’t be able to read/understand it but that doesn’t really matter. If its not possible, that’s fine, but if it is I would be honoured to have your permission to sing it.

  • Joshua Anderson

    That is actually my favourite piece in the whole movie (and of yours), Hans is amazing and to now know you co-composed that with him is truley amazing. YOU ROCK

  • Natasha

    That was my favorite song in the entire movie!!!!!! That’s just amazing that you wrote co-composed it!!!

  • Elliott Walker

    Brilliant as always.

  • Enjoli

    Wow! I just had chills and literally said “Wow!” out loud.!

  • Megan

    Absolutely amazing! Had chills the whole time listening to it!

  • Steven

    Wow. I would absolutely love to make this a project at my school and play this for a concert. I think we could pull it off if we really work hard. This is just fantastic.

  • Neomi Torres

    Erie, Creepy, seductive and Beautiful.
    Just A. MAZ. ING!!!!!! <3 Your wife has a very very very very very VERY beautiful voice!

  • Cesar Moreno

    Zimmer’s mystery fused with Whitacre’s etherealness, what a magnificent combination!!!

  • Nic Jorgensen

    This song gives me chills every time I hear it. When I first saw the movie, I was leaning towards the screen. I couldn’t help it. I felt like I was in a trance. And Hila sings so beautifully. This is incredible. There needs to be more music like this in the world! :) Thank you for being the best composer ever!

  • Justin Fraazier

    My two favorite artists combined, which now has given me the “heaven-on-earth” feeling. Grazie tanto, senor!

  • Josh Barron

    This is good but it needs more Eric than Hans. You are so talented and I hope to see whole film scores from you in the future. Hollywood needs something different, original and I think you can present something totally new and fresh. Thank you for providing such great music over the years!

  • Sam Albert

    My high school band is using this piece to build our marching show around, so needless to say I’m rather excited about next year. (We are also using music from the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events and Dystopia, a piece written by Jim Casella)

  • Iain Cook

    Unfortunately the link no longer works on this one. :(

    • Kim Nimrod Cruz

      Here it is, or you can right click the video above and choose “copy video url” and paste it on another tab/ page. Happy Listening to our favorite composer! :)

  • Cheryl Keit

    “A combination of Latin, Hebrew, and as she says, ‘Elvish.’ Geek.”

    Eric, you are HILARIOUS.