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The Star Spangled Banner

Coming soon…

  • Chris

    LOVED hearing this live when you were at Strathmore.

  • Martin

    I’m so in love with your arrangement of Star Spangled Banner, I’ve been obsessed with it ever sense I heard on March 20th, 2013, in Philadelphia. Do you know around when your going to release sheet music for it?

    • Eric

      Very soon, Martin.

  • Madeline

    I have been waiting for at least 6 months for this to be released!! When is it going to be released??

    • Megan Davies

      Hi Madeline. We’re hoping that it will be available later on this year. More details when we have them.

  • Jay Nelsestuen

    For those wondering, the Minnesota Chorale performance is up on SoundCloud if you would like to hear it. It is absolutely stunning. (It’s at the beginning after the intro by the radio-guy).