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Hangout Hop!

June 4, 2013 at 2:11 pm UTC

Following his Shindig session last week, Eric will be dropping in on a series of Google Hangouts on Wednesday 5th June from 5pm EST talking to singers worldwide and answering any questions about VC4.

  • Marti Dawson

    Oooh, Can I hop into the hangout ??? It’d be 3pm. PST, right ??? Could you please let me know how/when to hop in ? THANKS !!! marti …1HookedChoirGeek…;)

    • Tiffany McManus

      actually, I think PST is 3 hrs behind EST so it would be 2pm

  • Sophie Ng

    How do I participate?

  • neferti2000

    Can anyone participate or just Special People?

  • Michael

    Who’s hosting the hangout???