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Eric Whitacre's Virtual School

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual School will launch on November 1, 2021 with
The Beautiful Mess: Masterclass in Composition & Creativity.

The Virtual School will include a series of courses delivered in masterclass-style video sessions. In the first course, The Beautiful Mess: Masterclass in Composition and Creativity, Eric explores why we compose and the importance of music as sonic philosophy. Taking an honest, deep look at the creative process (both practical and artistic), Eric will share the tools & methods he uses to write, including Emotional Architecture, Painting with Words and the Alpha and the Omega. Using his own works as case studies and drawing on ideas shared by some of the world’s great thinkers, the goal of the course is to provide insight and inspiration.

The Virtual School will be delivered through a series of videos with supporting materials. There will be pathways for individuals and for education with pricing to be confirmed. Future courses will include individual workshops on specific pieces including his choral, orchestral and concert band music.

Drawing on thirty years of experience as a composer, conductor, educator and speaker, these lessons will resonate with composers, musicians, music-lovers, educators and people of all ages who want to see the world through a new lens.

If you’d like to learn more about the Virtual School, please submit your details below and we will be in touch as soon as more information is announced.

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