Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this course in education?

Absolutely. In addition to the video content presented by Eric, there are extensive supporting lesson plans with teacher and student guides written by the acclaimed composer, consultant and educator Emily Crocker and Dr Christopher Peterson, Professor of Music at California State University, Fullerton.

There are two enrollment options available for education:

If you work in K12 or with groups of students under 18, you may acquire one of our group access licenses. Access is granted for 2 years from the date of enrollment and the course is designed to be taught collectively in the virtual or physical classroom. Under this scheme the course can be viewed in class, or shared from the teacher’s computer for remote or blended learning. No individual log-ins are provided for students.

If you work in higher education (college, university, conservatory), there is a separate pricing structure through which you can secure individual logins for your students so they can study at a time and place of their choosing, and at their own pace.

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