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My Manager & Producer: Claire Long

Eric and Claire

I have spent many years building a management team and I’m happy to say that I have finally gotten it right.  Claire Long is my Manager and Producer, overseeing and working closely with me on all aspects of my career. I trust her implicitly, so unless you hear it from me personally it must come from her. She is the only person who speaks directly on my behalf. For all information regarding commissions, conducting engagements, workshops, speaking, personal appearances and media enquiries, please contact:

If you would like to take part in any future Virtual Choir project, please join my Community to keep updated. Other enquiries concerning the Virtual Choir can be directed to [email protected].

For website-related queries, or to report problems with this site, please email [email protected].

Print music for most published works can be acquired through,

Thank you for visiting me here on the web!


Eric Whitacre

Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to say hello!

Eric would love to hear from you. Sadly, due to the sheer volume of emails, he cannot always reply personally, but you can write to him on his Facebook page where he reads every post.

How can I get Eric’s autograph?

There are personally signed copies of Light & Gold and Water Night available through Eric’s online merchandise store.

Alternatively, if you would like a piece of sheet music or similar to be signed, please send to: Music Productions, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Bucks, SLO ONH, UK – advise who the item is for and the return address.

Where can I purchase sheet music / CDs / merchandise?

Eric’s sheet music is available through all good retail stores and online. Retailers we work with closely are Music Room in Europe and JW Pepper in USA. There are two CDs of Eric conducting his own pieces, Light & Gold and Water Night which are both on the Decca label. They can be purchased through most good record stores or through online platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.

For more personal merchandise, please visit Eric’s online store.

I would like to join the Virtual Choir

We would love to have you; everyone is welcome to join the Virtual Choir. Please sign up to the Eric Whitacre Community to be among the first to receive updates. You can also participate in the Forum, or join the Virtual Choir Facebook page to interact with other members of the Virtual Choir.

Can you help me with my composition/dissertation?

Eric receives a vast number of requests for help with compositions and dissertations, and while he would truly love to help, unfortunately he simply hasn’t enough time to answer each question and look at every score. However, if your enquiry is about music Eric has written, he has written about each of his pieces in the Music Catalog on this website which you may find helpful.

Can I join the Eric Whitacre Singers?

Can I interview Eric?

If you have a media enquiry, please contact [email protected].

If you are writing a dissertation on Eric’s music, please see above. Eric tries to host regular Google+ hangouts for schools and ensembles to come together for a video Q&A session. If you would like to register your interest for a future Google+ hangout please contact [email protected].

Can I book Eric for an event?

Where can I get high resolution photos/videos?

I have a different question

If you have a different question please contact [email protected]. Due to the sheer volume of emails received, Eric is unfortunately unable to offer individual advice on singing, composition or conducting. If you start a dicussion in the Community Forum or post on his Facebook page, you will be able to swap ideas with other people who love singing and composing.