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Composition, Conducting, Education, Media, Virtual Choir, Publishing, Eric Whitacre Singers, Special Projects

Manager & Executive Producer: Claire Long
Associate Manager & Producer: Meg Davies
Music Productions Ltd
Phone: +44 1753 783 739


All press enquiries can be directed to Meg Davies at Music Productions.


Eric Whitacre composes, creates and performs on Yamaha Pianos exclusively. He is proud to be a Yamaha Artist.


Please visit the Music Catalog for information about obtaining individual pieces for hire or purchase.

In 2018, Eric signed a global print music distribution agreement with Hal Leonard Corporation and global publishing administration with Boosey & Hawkes.

Please contact Meg Davies, Music Productions for all licensing requests.

My Manager & Producer: Claire Long

I have spent many years building a management team and I’m happy to say that I have finally gotten it right.  Claire Long is my Manager and Producer, overseeing and working closely with me on all aspects of my career. I trust her implicitly, so unless you hear it from me personally it must come from her. She is the only person who speaks directly on my behalf.

Eric and Claire

Photo Credit: Anna Lapwood

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the sheer volume of mail received, please read the FAQs below where we hope your question will be answered.

Permissions: Arrangements & Licenses

Can I make an arrangement/recording of…

Licenses for arrangements of Eric’s pieces are granted by the copyright holder. Please contact Meg Davies for more information.


Can I buy your sheet music online?

Sheet music is available for many of Eric’s pieces online. Visit,,, or visit Eric’s Music Catalog to search for specific pieces. Eric’s musical, Paradise Lost, is a work-in-progress and to date, there isn’t any sheet music available.

I have an errata question.

Please contact the relevant publisher should you have a question about errata.

Can I commission a piece from Eric?

Please contact Eric’s manager – Claire Long.

Can Eric tell me more about…

Eric has written about each of his pieces within his Music Catalog that can aid with projects and program notes.

Can I licence an Eric Whitacre track/recording?

Any recording of Eric’s needs to be cleared with the respective label that owns the master recording. Light & Gold, Water Night, The Chelsea Carol or Enjoy the Silence – please contact Decca Classics.

For all recordings released on UNQUIET, please contact Music Productions.

Virtual Choir

Can I join the Virtual Choir?

There isn’t a Virtual Choir in production right now. To learn about new projects, please sign up to Eric’s Mailing List.

Can I show the Virtual Choir at a concert/live event?

Please direct all requests to Eric’s manager and Executive Producer of the Virtual Choir, Claire Long.


Can I send a message to Eric?

You’re welcome to send a message to Eric on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and he’ll do his best to respond.

When is Eric next visiting _____?

Go to Eric’s Event Calendar to see upcoming events across the world.

How can I get Eric’s autograph?

Eric is always happy to sign following live events so check out his Event Calendar to see if he’s coming to a place near you soon.

Where can I purchase merchandise & CDs?

A selection of merchandise is available in Eric’s Merch Store.

Can I book Eric for a virtual or in-person masterclass with my class/choir?

Please email Meg Davies to see what might be possible.

Can Eric help me with my school project/composition/dissertation?

Eric receives a vast number of requests for help with compositions and dissertations, and while he would truly love to help, unfortunately, he simply hasn’t enough time to answer each question and look at every score. However, if your enquiry is about music Eric has written, he has written about each of his pieces in the Music Catalog on this website which you may find helpful. In The News features several press features and interviews with Eric that may help to answer some questions.

I’m a composer. Can Eric give me any advice?

Eric has written several blog posts with advice for emerging composers that you can read in his Blog Archive.

Can Eric share my charity (or other) event on Facebook?

Due to the number of requests that Eric receives, he’s unable to share individual events or projects on social media.

Can I join the Eric Whitacre Singers?

The Eric Whitacre Singers are a hand-picked group of professional singers and there is no formal audition process.

Where can I get high resolution photos/videos?

If you have a professional enquiry, please contact [email protected].

Can I book Eric for an event?

Eric’s engagements are handled by his manager, Claire Long. If you would like to enquire about Eric’s availability please contact [email protected].