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Soloists Revealed for Virtual Choir 4 Fly (A Paradise of Bliss)

June 28, 2013 at 9:05 am UTC



The soloists for the Virtual Choir 4 Fly (A Paradise of Bliss) have been selected:

Claire Givens
Joyceline Larroy-Haden
Marina Brouwer
Lauren McLean
Nikki Eoute
Tresa Ann Davis
Wei Jiang
Lisa Rogali

These soloists’ videos are now being dropped into the mix of VC4, which is now in the final stages of production. It will launch in July 2013 at the Coronation Festival 2013  at Buckingham Palace.

  • Tanmayee

    Congratz to all

  • Brian Baumgarn

    Am I lost…I thought the VC4 was going to debut in March of 2014. What did I miss……….Further evidence that I am suffering from creeping senility! It will be awesome, though, won’t it!!