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Eric co-curates a new choral radio station exclusively on Apple Music: Bliss Radio

January 22, 2019 at 11:07 am UTC

Eric is thrilled to have collaborated with Apple Music on Bliss Radio, the new choral radio station.

“To me, the voice is the most perfect instrument of them all. It brings such deep emotion to music and touches our hearts. Music itself is a fundamental form of communication and a fundamental form of expression. And by fundamental, I mean that it’s built in—it’s hardwired into our systems. For Bliss Radio, we have drawn together music of astonishing beauty and serenity with transcendent moments.

My first choices for Bliss Radio are from the Renaissance, a period that saw the introduction of polyphony – an explosion of new music and choral works. Music from this period is as close to perfect as we are likely to get it. Much of it is written for sacred spaces, meticulously crafted to lift the listener’s spirit to the highest heaven.

It’s going to be thrilling to draw together some of America’s finest choral works for my next theme – music that’s in my DNA.

Working on this project with Apple is a joy. Together we humbly present, Bliss Radio.”

 – Eric Whitacre

Listen to Bliss now


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