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LA Excites reviews Christmas with Eric Whitacre and the Los Angeles Master Chorale

December 13, 2016 at 8:56 am UTC

Artist Eric Whitacre Begins New Chapter with Spectacular Christmas Concert

““Saint-Chapelle” (2013), for instance, spotlighted Whitacre’s friendship with Silvestri, who wrote the Latin text for the piece. It is, as Silvestri explained on stage, a commemoration of the Gothic chapel in Paris, and especially the manner in which the colors forged from light embrace the soul. This occurs from the moment the natural light from the sun becomes lumen via refraction through the stained glass windows, before manifesting as an illumination of angelic exultation that can be basked in inside the sacred building. Needless to say, the music was invigorating as if appointed by a higher source; the men would support the stunning sonorous vocals of the women, and vice versa, creating warm waterfalls of voice that ebbed and flowed.”

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