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Take part in vital scientific research and help make history

July 12, 2018 at 11:15 am UTC

As part of Virtual Choir 5, we partnered with Dr. Daisy Fancourt of University College London in order to investigate the virtual experience of a cultural event. There are just a few days left to be a part of this vital scientific research.

The research will look at the following areas in more detail:

  1. What are people’s motivations for taking part in a VC?
  2. How does engagement with a VC compare to experiences of real choirs?
  3. Does taking part in a VC help people to feel more connected to others?
  4. Does taking part in a VC enhance people’s wellbeing?

The research is split into two parts:

QUESTIONNAIRE 1: Anyone can answer part 1 of the questionnaire. Just sign up or log into your Profile at and complete the questionnaire within your profile (see the Scientific Research Project box on the right hand side of the page).

QUESTIONNAIRE 2: In order to complete questionnaire 2, you must have submitted a video to Virtual Choir 5 before the deadline. Questionnaire 2 can be found within your VC5 profile.

There is growing interest in virtual experiences of cultural activities: whether they can help to reach isolated individuals, how they affect people emotionally and how they compare to real-life experiences. However, to date there is very little research. This study will look at the phenomenon of the virtual choir through a two phase research study for a project delivered in collaboration with Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir (VC).

— Dr. Daisy Fancourt


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