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Virtual Choir 6 Submissions close with 17,562 videos from 129 countries

May 22, 2020 at 8:25 pm UTC

Hi gang,

We did it!

I am grateful to each and every one of you who signed-up to Virtual Choir 6 and have made this project so special. You have inspired me with your dedication, tenacity and generosity.

Firstly – the big question! When will we be able to see the film? We’ll be announcing the date of the premiere very soon on the VC6 website, on social media and through this mailing list. Before then, know that we will check your video and get in touch with you if there is any reason why we might not include it; there is no need to reach out to us. It was not an easy process to learn “Sing Gently”, record your video and send it to us and we thank you for persevering.

At the time submissions closed, we had received an incredible 17,562 videos from 129 countries from a community of more than 41,000 people who came together to make music over these last three weeks. I’m honored that so many of you were able to submit recordings and will be in the Virtual Choir 6 film.  I would also like to thank the large number of people who didn’t record but supported others, used the learning tools and participated in ThinkTank.

Over the last few weeks, some among us have been supporting others who have been very ill and caring for those who have now passed. I hope you feel the collective warmth and care from of all of us in this extraordinary community at this difficult time and that it comforts you in your sorrow.

I would like to send a huge shout out to Damien du Toit who is responsible for the beautiful VC6 design and incredibly robust technology; to Jack Rowland and so many others who have helped and supported others selflessly throughout these three weeks; to the amazing artists and great minds who contributed to ThinkTank; to Floating Earth, the audio engineers who are currently taking the audio files to draw our voices together as one; to 59 Productions who can now start work on the final film; to Boosey & Hawkes and Hal Leonard plus the incredible Colburn School and NAMM Foundation who helped to make this project possible. And finally, to my managers and VC producers Claire Long and Meg Davies who, over the last decade, have taken the simple “golden brick” idea of a Virtual Choir and built a cathedral.

Most of all, a huge thank you to YOU, the amazing people from around the world who have created this vibrant, caring community and beautiful choir. It feels like some of the best our world has to offer.

It’s amazing to think that the Virtual Choir started as a simple experiment some ten years ago. We have all known its special purpose over that decade – joining people from around the world through music and technology – and it has brought us particular comfort this year.  That said, we all look forward to the day when we can safely make music together in person again.

Until then, know that each of you has given your voice to build something much larger than all of us – a gentle song of hope for those who need to hear it.



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