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Fly to Paradise

Fly to Paradise

Fly to Paradise, taken from Eric’s musical Paradise Lost, is the feature track of Virtual Choir 4 featuring over 8,000 voices from 101 countries. The single features Grammy® Award winning soloist Hila Plitmann, electronica from acclaimed producer Guy Sigsworth, and professional choir, the Eric Whitacre Singers.

For over a decade I have dreamed of working with one producer: Guy Sigsworth. Guy is probably best known as one half of the band Frou Frou (with Imogen Heap), but behind the scenes he is responsible for some of my favorite tracks from Seal, Madonna, Björk and many more. He is a classically trained musician with all the skills of a modern producer. We first worked together last year when he wrote a classical piece for my professional choir, the Eric Whitacre Singers. Through that process my admiration for him only grew, and when it came time to make Fly to Paradise I knew that there was no one else I would rather work with.

– Eric Whitacre, composer & conductor

Release Date: 12 July 2013

Eric Whitacre composer, lyrics
David Noroña lyrics
Hila Plitmann soprano
Guy Sigsworth keyboard
Eric Whitacre Singers choir (Will Dawes conductor)
SOPRANO Nicola Corbishley, Grace Davidson, Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, Alice Gribbin, Amy Haworth, Emilia Hughes, Amy Wood
ALTO Cathy Bell, Ruth Kiang, Ksynia Loeffler, Katie Schofield, Felicity Turner
TENOR Ben Alden, Ben Breakwell, David De Winter, Nick Madden, Nick Pritchard
BASS Matthew Davies, Will Dawes, Alexander Learmonth, Nicholas Mogg, Timothy Murphy, Edmund Saddington, Simon Whiteley

Claire Long, Music Productions executive producer
Guy Sigsworth producer
Chris Elms Programming and Mixing
Damien du Toit, Cake Visuals

Label: UNQUIET, UNQ001

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Track Listing

1. Fly to Paradise (Main Mix)
Eric Whitacre
2. Fly to Paradise (Radio Edit)
Eric Whitacre
3. Fly to Paradise (Instrumental)
Eric Whitacre

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