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Eric’s haunting arrangement of Trent Reznor’s Hurt performed by the Eric Whitacre Singers and soprano Grace Davidson.

When I go to cover a song, I’m looking for a hook. For me, it was a single note in Trent Reznor’s original version of Hurt, this tritone, and for me that note carries in it all of the emotional information, all of the DNA necessary to build this entire piece.

– Eric Whitacre, arranger & conductor

Release Date: 17 November 2017

Eric Whitacre arranger & conductor
Eric Whitacre Singers choir
SOPRANO Charlotte Ashley, Alison Ponsford-Hill, Victoria Meteyard, Emilia Morton, Ruth Provost, Amy Wood
ALTO Helen Charlston, Hannah Cooke, Ruth Kiang, Ksynia Loeffler, Martha McLorinan, Chloe Morgan
TENOR Ruairi Bowen, Benedict Hymas, Tom Kelly, Gareth Treseder, Ben Vonberg-Clark, David de Winter
BASS Simon Gallear, Jimmy Holliday, Oliver Hunt, Edmund Saddington, Greg Skidmore, Simon Whiteley
Grace Davidson soprano

Simon Rhodes producer
Mike Hatch, Floating Earth sound engineer

Label: UNQUIET, UNQ005

Recorded at Air Studios in July 2017

Listen Here

DOUBLE A-SIDE VINYL: Hurt & i carry your heart

Track Listing

1. Hurt
Trent Reznor arr. Eric Whitacre

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