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The Sacred Veil

The Sacred Veil

The world premiere recording of The Sacred Veil conducted by the composer.

Release Date: 28 August 2020

Eric Whitacre conductor
Los Angeles Master Chorale choir

SOPRANO Tamara Bevard, Christina Bristow, Emma-Grace Dunbar, Claire Fedoruk, Kelci Hahn, Karen Hogle Brown, Caroline McKenzie, Suzanne Waters, Elyse Willis, Andrea Zomorodian
ALTO Garineh Avakian, Sharmila G. Lash, Sarah Lynch, Eleni Pantages, Laura Smith Roethe, Jessie Shulman, Leslie Inman Sobol, Niké St. Clair, Ilana Summers, Kristen Toedtman
TENOR Adam Faruqi, Jon Lee Keenan, Dermot Kiernan, Charlie Kim, Michael Lichtenauer, Robert Norman, Anthony Ray, Matthew Thomas, Matthew Tresler, Nate Widelitz
BASS Derrell Acon, Michael Bannett, John Buffett, Dylan Gentile, David Dong-Geun Kim, Luc Kleiner, Ben Lin, Brett McDermid, Adrien Redford,  Mark Edward Smith

Lisa Edwards piano
Jeffrey Zeigler cello
Charles Anthony Silvestri lyricist
Recorded at the Musco Center for the Arts (California, USA) on January 13 & 14, 2020.

Los Angeles Master Chorale
Grant Gershon Kiki & David Gindler Artistic Director
Jean Davidson CEO & President
Elaine Martone Producer
Jenny Wong Associate Producer
Fred Vogler Recording Engineer
Sergey Parfenov Editor
Fred Vogler & Scott Sedillo Mastering
Kevin Koelbl Executive Producer
Susie McDermid Senior Production Manager

Musco Center for the Arts
David Stoneman RPT, MM Piano Technician
Seiyua Tang Audio / Video Head
Aaron Thompson Production Manager

The interview with Eric Whitacre and Tony Silvestri is taken from
“New Classical Tracks,” with Julie Amacher, from American Public Media.

Label: Signum Records





Track Listing

1. The Veil Opens 6:40
2. In a Dark and Distant Year 2:19
3. Home 4:48
4. Magnetic Poetry 6:30
5. Whenever There is Birth 3:36
6. I’m Afraid 5:17
7. I am Here 2:23
8. Delicious Times 5:20
9. One Last Breath 1:40
10. Dear Friends 3:17
11. You Rise, I Fall 10:00
12. Child of Wonder 4:44
13. Interview with Eric Whitacre and Charles Anthony Silvestri 22:55

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