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Eric Whitacre

Keynote Speaker

Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is unlike any keynote speaker you’ve seen before. His secret power lies in his one-of-a-kind fusion of music and interactive multi-media, with lessons that radically transform the way your organization feels and thinks. He injects new life into organizations that may feel stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed by the pace of change; provides insight on transformative innovation and disruptive leadership; and opens audiences’ eyes to new ways of creating and collaborating.

Working at the vanguard of art and technology. Whitacre has brought his unforgettable combination of speaking and music to the TED conference– where his talk went viral– and at events for Google, UNICEF and the United Nations. As audiences rave: “Probably the most emotionally impactful speaker we have ever had — people were mouth opened, crying, not leaving their seats.

Talks & Conversations

The Golden Brick: How a simple, fundamental idea can change the world and push the boundaries of innovation

Grammy-winning musician Eric Whitacre unlocks worlds of creativity, from the kernel of an idea to some of our world’s most important innovations. Taking the awe-inspiring grandeur and achievements of NASA’s extraordinary Hubble missions and finding within them a story of human endeavour, vision and bravery that made it all possible. The creative process plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our world, informed and enhanced by research and technology, and fuelled to success by curiosity and perseverance.

Maestro Myth: The secret to great leadership

True leadership is so much more than a single, smart, charismatic force. The framework that is baked into the system which processes, grows and creates the required success is the ultimate power behind the throne. Multi-award-winning composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre, looks at the question of trust, and how many of the greatest leaders of our time know that it takes a village to create real success.

Creativity and Connection: The Humanism of Technology

Eric Whitacre is the creator of the Virtual Choir, a digital project that combines thousands of user-submitted videos into a single, stunning choral performance. This global choir transcends geography, class and background: it is a testament to the power of leadership and technology to foster creativity and connection, even in the most challenging circumstances. Eric talk to the rise of organic humanistic online communities and his own creative pathways, inspiring us to unlock that simple, fundamental idea as part of our quest to become our best self, creating something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Finding your voice: Unleashing your creative fire

A creative innovator in the music and technology space, Grammy-winning composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre, digs into man’s natural sense of curiosity. Creativity is hard to learn, but enhancing curiosity through teaching ourselves to have an open mind, endlessly questioning premises and exploring opportunity, unlocks a higher level of consciousness and the ability to deliver creative and successful solutions. Embracing the mantra of ‘fail big, fail often’, Eric explores failure as a positive and often necessary pathway to true innovation.


All speaking enquiries can be directed to Meg Davies at Music Productions: +44 1753 783 739 or [email protected]


Probably the most emotionally impactful speaker we have ever had — people were mouth opened, crying, not leaving their seats. Nothing but compliments. …his choir from local school capped it off for the attendees.

– An U.S. Professional Membership Association

The students all commented on how they felt it was one of the best and most informative evenings they’ve ever had. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience, and the humorous and articulate way in which you did so was inspiring for everyone — myself included.

– A Major U.S. University

We are really happy with the whole event, and definitely super happy with Eric’s presentation and workshop. He did an amazing job with the choir and the 240 participants. The participants gave us really good feedback both on the presentation and the workshop.

– A Swedish Commercial Music Streaming Company

Past Hosts Include

  • TED
  • World Economic Forum
  • Apple
  • Spotify
  • Google
  • Million Dollar Round Table
  • The Marketing Society
  • Illinois Office of Tourism
  • Lyra Health

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