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July 30, 2011 at 9:45 am UTC

We’ve finally decided the repertoire for the new Decca CD (to be recorded this fall). PLEASE, help me come up with a name for the album:

Equus (Full orchestra and chorus)*
The City and the Sea*
Water Night (String Orchestra)*
This Marriage
When David Heard
The River Cam*
Oculi Omnium*
Sleep (String Orchestra)*
The Seal Lullaby (Piano and String Orchestra)*

* world premiere recording

  • bryon

    Sparks to this escape

  • claire

    New World

  • Quinn Palmer

    How about Peace and Love?

    Peace for all of the night/sea songs, and love for Hallelujah and marriage (and lullabye, which is love for sending someone to sleep)

  • J J Hutchings

    “The Eyes of All”, or something linking Moon, Night and Water, which seem to be three strong themes.

    • Adrian Smith

      I must agree with ‘the eyes of all’ – it being the translation of ‘oculi omnium’ and all… (and you know, ‘light and gold’ was the translation for ‘lux aurumque’…)

  • Jaime

    When I listen to some of these pieces, I feel like I could reach out and touch the hand of God.

    So here’s a new word: TRANSPLENDENT

    trans (cross) + splend (shine) = to cross over to a shining place.

  • Matt

    “Your Mom”

    Just Kidding.

    Something like “Where Clouds of Dreams Gives Second Sight,” “Of Flying Wings and Soaring Leap,” or “A Silent and Beautiful Current.”

  • roula

    Erila ;) since it’s u and Hila

  • Carrie Jendza

    Waves of Dreams
    Silver Moon

    I also suggested a few on your fb status :) Good luck! Can’t wait to hear the final product. I listen to “Light and Gold” all the time (much to the chagrin of my husband–he’s a scientist and all). =)

  • Jeremiah Witte


    Your favorite text excerpt from one of these pieces would be great, too.

  • Aviel Man Ballo

    Heart of Disquiet

    Because When David Heard is right in the middle.

    Whatever it’s called, this album will be AMAZING.

  • Jacob Bitinas

    How about thinking of a clever anagram? If you were to use “Soaring Leap,” you could get “Paragon Isle.” Fits the sonic atmosphere created by the CD too, I’m sure!

  • Jason

    Choir Fire.

  • Suzi Rozga

    Silver and Shadows, because then it would be a perfect complement to Light and Gold :)

  • Jamie Diamond

    So many of the track themes have to do with either water…or night, making Water Night seem like the linchpin piece on the album.

    Hmm… as much as I’d like to keep the “_____ and _____” theme going, you could pull a “naming the album after the song” and just call it “Water Night”…

    I’ll keep thinking.

  • Abby

    Maybe “Waves and Darkened Sky” (OO) or just “Water & Sky” ??

  • Helen Blake


  • Matt Johnson

    Hrmm…! All great suggestions! I’ll pitch in my own, of course.

    Perhaps something like “Night by the Sleeping River”, or maybe simply “The City and the Sea”. Or how about “Lost Hearts in the Sleepy City” or even “Shadow Water”.

    Also, I’m SO pumped that When David Heard is going to be on this album! I can’t wait!

    • Abby

      The City and the Sea is good!

  • Miggy Torres

    I’d have to agree with Jamie Diamond’s second point. I think it should be simple, nothing too crazy. In my opinion, naming it after a song like you did last time, or keeping the “_____ and _____” theme are probably the best choices. If only you’d kept Nox Aurumque till this album, then the title would’ve been obvious. If the pieces you’ve listed above are in not in track order, then I’d put The City and the Sea first, and then title the album The City and the Sea (or Urbs Mareque if you really wanted to, but i dont really like the way that sounds). The album art for that would probably come out quite nice as well.

    Another possibility is to make Water Night track one, and call the album something like Agua Nocturna or even Aqua Nocturna. Still, the choral version of Water Night was on Light and Gold so idk if you want to feature it here as just the orchestral version.

    Looking at the line-up again, I’d say When David Heard and Equus are your two strongest pieces. I think When David Heard is the most emotionally evocative of the pieces you’ve written—you know that better than anyone—and Equus just sounds damn cool. Placing When David Heard first or second may be a good choice, if you can stand to have it featured. If it were the title track the album art would also look pretty cool. Same deal with Equus.

    I think those are your best bets. As I said before, I think naming it for a track or based on a track is the way to go, and I still think The City and the Sea is your best choice, since it’s the name of a set of songs, and it also loosely follows the “_____ and _____” motif. I don’t think making up titles that are simply evocative for their own sakes is a good idea. The title needs to be specific to the music.

    This is all just my opinion, of course. :D

    Can’t wait for #3 now! Hope it’ll feature Her Sacred Spirit, and maybe a little Godzilla or Winter. :D

    –Miggy Torres

  • Suzi Rozga

    My comment is still awaiting moderation; maybe I should put my two cents in again?

    Silver and Shadows, Shadow and Silver, or Silvered Shadows :)

    • Ryan Brown

      I really love this! It is both clever and it works in context with other CDs. If I were Erik, I would use “Silver and Shadows.”

  • Abby

    I like Jaime’s Transplendent! :D

    Also what about Transcending Worlds?

  • Serb

    I remember you once said that you are not christian but not atheist either. I first hesitated to suggested this but I think the title of the album should be “alleluia”.
    “Alleluia” means praise the God. whoever your God is or whatever you believe in, I think you could say “alleluia” in expression of joy and amazement to what we see, hear, and/or feel from nature, relationship, art, etc.
    I know that using one of the tracks as the title of the album can be risky but I think it show what motivates us to compose/play/listen to music in the first place — to express. It’s just a thought.

  • Elliott von Wendt

    I think either “Shadow Water” or “The City and the Sea” would be good titles.

    Oh, and a followup to the above comment – Godzilla for full orchestra? Eh? Eh? :)

  • Marshall Fant


    Especially since the songs seem to oscilate between the dark and beautiful.

  • moregrey

    Between the Moon and the City

  • Jason

    “Sapphire Winds”


  • Dylan Anaya

    All of the titles seem to be something you would see or find in a dream therefore my contribution would have to be:
    “In the Midst of a Dream”

  • Jon Fisher

    I love the idea of the title “SHADOW WATER” as well, especially because that would be a great parallel to the title of your first album, “LIGHT and Gold”.

  • Rob Kellett

    “Eric Whitacre’s Greatest Hits”

    Alternatively: “Restful Waters”

  • Adam

    Maybe I missed this. But what does Decca mean? I’m referring to the “Decca” cd. Is it the Eric Whitacre Singers and a London Orchestra?

  • Jackson

    cor umbra- “Heart’s Shadow” (roughly). From a composer’s point of view, the compositional process is often very emotionally driven and the reasons why a particular sound feels right are often unclear. Thus, cor umbra. Something that comes from a part of your heart you do not fully comprehend

  • veesauce

    Dear Eric,

    going through my little notebook with composition titles I keep for myself here’s what I came up with:

    1. Far Sweet Home
    2. Sailing on Dreams
    3. Deep Wells
    4. Leave the Moon
    5. Worlds Without Words
    6. Between Shores
    7. Worlds Within
    8. Homecoming
    9. Making Worlds (definitely smth about worlds:)
    10. Before I Forget

    Btw, if I win, as an award I would like to meet you, since I’m a fan of both you and Hila, and I live in LA, too:)) Hope the CD is going to be as awesome as ‘Light & Gold’!


  • Helen Blake


    1. A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream
    2. An instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state

  • Ed D.

    “Here and Hereafter”

    I love that line from This Marriage, and I think it’s appropriate for the otherworldy nature of this music. I’ll probably come up with one or two more/better ideas though!

  • Kevin Stevens

    There’s a phrase in H.G. Wells “The Time Machine” that I’ve always loved: Beautiful Futility. To me it’s always meant that we should do everything we can to make things better, to make them beautiful, even though that in the end, we won’t be around to see the results.

  • Barry Tobin

    “Choral Coastlines”

  • Phil Smith

    In reference to the watery titles (River Cam, City and the Sea, Seal Lullaby, and Water Night) and also how your harmonies kind of shimmer like a ripple of sound. I don’t know just thinking aloud haha :)

  • Simone

    Painting on silence
    Courage of the night
    Winter’s cry
    My heart in melodies

  • Dustin



    “Water Music”

  • Tim Laciano

    Keeping with the “__ & __” theme, I came up with “Sea & Sky,” which I think hits a lot of the images in the pieces, but I also like the suggestions above of just using one of the titles of the pieces on the album, particularly “Alleluia” and “Water Night.”

    • Ryan Dean

      Sea and Sky does have a nice sound. But I think it demotes the music when its much much more than a depiction of earthly images, if that makes sense.

    • Ryan Dean

      Maybe not idk, I like it still haha

  • Tim Laciano

    also, even though I think “Dark & Silver” would be really cheesy and not totally fitting, it reminds me of one of my favorite images from any of your pieces, “A silver thread on darkened dune” :)
    So maybe “A Silver Thread” might be an okay album title.. but idk

    • Tim Laciano

      but “Sea & Sky” is still my favorite

  • Grace

    Elements of Life

  • Alvin

    I think “Soaring Leap” or “Beneath the Moon” would be nice… with a cool picture of a moonlit sky over water possibly…

    Oh and thanks so so much for signing that copy of “i thank You God..” for my college graduation. If I can achieve half of what you’ve done I’ll be beyond satisfied. Still trying to get my own works out there… Hope you’re enjoying England.

  • Colter

    I agree with Tim Laciano, Sea & Sky rolls off the tongue very well, and matches nicely with the songs. There’s a very strong “water” theme going here, and it’s be a shame to not take advantage of that.

  • Ryan Dean


    It means connection in latin.

    • Ryan Dean

      To explain, I think your music represents the human connection we share, as your music reaches the depths of our souls. You’ve turned human emotion into something real and vivid, and by creating an album, it will continue to connect people even after our time.

      • Ryan Dean

        Latin is also the language that has created most other languages used today. It’s the most relatable/fundamental.

        • Jono Roberts

          also: *some* languages (the romance languages) evolved from a mix of vulgar latin and indigenous languages of the regions where it spread, but over half of the worlds languages aren’t even from the same language family (indo-european) and less than half that speak an indo-european language speak a romance language!

    • Jono Roberts

      connection in latin is ‘nexilitas’, – iunctio is more union or junction.

  • Suzanne Gilbertson

    “Sentience”. I like this word a lot, and the definition: “having sense perception; conscious”. Your music is a celebration of the fact that we humans are sentient beings, and you yourself are more “sentient” than most. Can’t wait to get the album, no matter what the name!

  • David Babayco

    A title for your new CD:

    Excito Animus

    Latin for:

    “Raise up spirit”

  • Jacob Khalil

    This is kind of an extension af a previous comment… “Beautiful Current” could be really good. Or what about just “Sleep” ? It was the first piece I have heard of yours and I know it must be a favorite of many. Just something not too wordy I guess. Short, yet powerful – packing a punch in few words.

  • Erin Cordell

    Dreams over Waters
    Surreal Memories
    The Night is Behind Us

  • Eric Taylor

    I have a couple ideas for the title of the album:

    1.) Noisy Wheels of Joy
    2.) Wheels of Joy
    3.) Shadow Water
    4.) Dream Water
    5.) Dreams In Your Eyes
    6.) Soaring Leap
    7.) Flows Forward, Darkens You
    8.) As Is The Sea Marvelous

  • Vince


  •!/profile.php?id=1067878561 Joseph Smith

    So much of your music puts me in mind of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – I’m thinking some quotes for an album title:
    1. moonlight wanders in the night (not exact quote)
    2. the rose distilled
    3. the bank where wild thyme grows (not exact)
    4. slumber visions

  • Amanda Forest

    “Beaches in your Soul” is the best I could come up with…. Not really original, but meh, worth a try.

    Whatever it’ll be called, I’ll be looking forward to it! I’m especially interested in listening to the “Alleluia” in its entirety. It’ll be different hearing October in a vocal setting. Hope the section with the starting note has a good set of lungs! They’re going to be holding it for a while, hehe.


  • Marek Lisak

    What about verse from most beutiful song i’ve ever heard from you – (The Seal Lullaby): Asleep in the arms of the slow swinging seas :))

  • Ryan Pitcher

    A Little Water Music.

    It seems to fit your album, calls back to Mozart, and also brings images of the night (which also fits your album) to those who get the reference and fill in the changed word.

    I figure a layered title is befitting of a layered work, like this one.

    • Joanne Edmont

      (and also hearkens to handel’s water music…)

      • Ryan Pitcher

        Good point!

        More layers for the layer god, etc. etc.

  • John Francis Sturt

    I think that, since the Light and Gold CD was named after one of the tracks, one could do that again for this Album. The title “Water Night” or “The City and the Sea” might do well.

    Just a suggestion :)

    Really looking forward to this next album! Good Luck!

  • Zach Bailey

    Either “Shadow Water” or “Soaring Leap.” Both are iconic elements of text from your works, and both provide mysticism and wonder in two simple words. Looking forward to the recording!!!

  • Rebekkah Hilgraves

    How about “Sleeps the River”?

  • Patrick Vaughn

    How about “Ebb and Flow”?

  • Jay Coles

    Maybe should be tittle.. Autumn Nights, Silvery Meadows, or Freedom Range, Freedom Quest (My Fav. Title). Good Luck Eric!

  • Daniel Upchurch

    Dark and Deep
    I think it would be cool to keep a sort of theme going.

  • Annalise Pittenger

    How about “Where Billow Meets Billow?”

  • Bryce White


  • Debra

    How about “Passage to the stars” ? Or “Voyage to there from here”?

    I suggest these titles because the list of titles seems quite eclectic. With a few titles referring to water, I had the sense of movement and flow–and why not move upward toward the heavens. This is what music is for (in my opinion)!!

  • Matthew Smith

    eyes of hope

  • Jose Maria Martinez

    “Water Night” and “The City and the Sea” are beutiful titles for a CD. “The City and the Sea” is my first option. Don’t title it “Sleep”.
    A fan from Spain.

  • Wesley Hotzfeld

    “…and If You Close Your Eyes”

  • Nate

    First of all, I have to say that I am so excited for the repertoire of this piece! I have heard most of them and I love how a lot of them are stringy:) Anyway, if the CD goes in the order as you have it presented, it kind of starts bustling in the city life and grande and it slowly goes to dreamy elements- kind of like a setting sun. There are also prevalent water and ice elements. I kind of picture the graphic of a setting sun over a horizon of water and the light reflecting off of it in a sparkling crystalline way on the cover (maybe on the other side of the water it could be a moon:) haha). When a title come in mind, I think of: Portal of Dreams.

  • Royen Kent


  • Kevin

    I’m seeing a lot of water themes (Water night, City and the Sea, The River Cam, and the Seal Lullaby). So my vote goes for something about water. I’d personally be hesitant to use a quote from the choral works because you’re not actually using a choir, and therefore not using the text. But of course, in the end, it’s up to you.

  • chad

    Definatly something from the words of Water night:

    Night with the eyes of a horse that trembles in the night,
    night with eyes of water in the field asleep
    is in your eyes, a horse that trembles,
    is in your eyes of secret water.

    Eyes of shadow-water,
    eyes of well-water,
    eyes of dream-water.

    Silence and solitude,
    two little animals moon-led,
    drink in your eyes,
    drink in those waters.

    If you open your eyes,
    night opens, doors of musk,
    the secret kingdom of the water opens
    flowing from the center of night.

    And if you close your eyes,
    a river fills you from within,
    flows forward, darkens you:
    night brings its wetness to beaches in your soul.

    My vote is dream-water,
    or: if you open your eyes
    or: from within
    or: night opens

  • Alejandro Bonfil

    I think you should do a one-word title:

  • Margo Connors

    rest assured

  • Philip


  • Aaron Martinez

    Dissonant Shadows