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Press: Classic Radio Boston & Classic FM

June 13, 2023 at 2:54 pm UTC

Eric joined Edyn-Mae Stevenson from Classic Radio Boston to talk about his new album and what it was like to work with his dream vocal group.

I’ve been a super fan for like 15 years. I have every recording…I stand in front of them and I lift my arms, give that downbeat and the way they sound is the way the CDs sound…it’s shocking at first, like, “Oh my God, they really are that good and that clear and that pure.” So the first thing is just the technical acumen. They’re such superb musicians, they’ve all been singing their entire lives and they all seem to breathe and think as a single organism. It’s uncanny the way they all do it, the way they blend together. But then deeper than that, I think there’s an emotional intelligence that they bring to the music that I was unprepared for. And especially as a composer, that’s what you’re hoping for, is that the musicians take the piece into their hearts, and then make it blossom in ways that you can’t expect. And I just found it so, so deep, emotionally, making music with them.

Read the full article on Classic Radio Boston’s website.

Eric also spoke to Maddy Shaw Roberts from Classic FM to talk about his approach to composing his choral music and how it all comes down the ‘the golden brick’.

What I’m looking for when I improvise is what I call the ‘golden brick’,”…The best way to describe it is that I get haunted by these worlds that are created. I remember even as a child being like this, before I could read music. I would sit at the piano and play intervals, and just listen to the sound of it resonating.

Read the full article on Classic FM’s website.

You can also hear a new track from Eric’s new album ‘Home’ on Classic FM’s Drive Discovery every day this week at 6pm BST.


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