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Hila Sings With the BSO Next Week

March 19, 2011 at 9:56 pm UTC

Anybody near Boston next week owes it to themselves to see Hila perform with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. You cannot imagine how hard she is rocking Ades’s “The Tempest”, easily the most difficult piece of vocal music I’ve ever heard.

Tickets available here.

And here is an iPhone video I made of Hila a month ago as she was starting to learn the Ades. A re-post but well worth it.

  • Courtney Lea K.

    Those octave jumps on that E natural at the beginning aren't too difficult, but those multiple jumps around 0:52 are FRICKIN insane!!!! I'm surprised her voice doesn't get tired after awhile.

  • Salvee

    Wonderful! I understand this sounds totally out of this world. Heehee.

  • Claudia

    What a big challenge! I wish Hila good luck, I am shure she will make it. Her voice is amazing! I wonder if there will be a CD, so we get the chance to hear her performance?