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Light and Gold: The Complete Album Streaming Live Now

October 13, 2010 at 8:34 am UTC

Oh yes. My favorite radio station on Earth, KCRW, has chosen Light and Gold as their album of the week. That means you can stream the entire album from their site, right now. I. Love. Technology.

Click here to listen.

And just for kicks, here is a radio ‘tag’ I made for KCRW a few years ago. That’s Hila singing all nine parts.

  • Jon Fisher

    I was originally going to wait until I got the CD to hear it for the first time, but I am just too excited. I started listening through KCRW and I can't stop. I think I can die and go to heaven now.

  • Matt W


  • Courtney Lea K

    I just listened to the album and……………………………….forgot how speak to I……lol.

    Seriously, this album left me speechless! My breath was completely taken away, and it left me with tears in my eyes, goosebumps all over, and a big smile on my face!

    I can't impossibly imagine an album even coming close to being greater than this! This is magnifcent!

    And I agree with Jon. though I was already in Heaven as I listened to the album. :0)

  • kate

    Yeah Jon what Matt said, there’s more composing from Our Eric to enjoy yet, you could be in heaven on earth listening to his harmonius, gorgeous, lushious music!

  • Katherine

    I just started listening, and can I just say…Lárov sounds like angels. I honestly…I can barely even form words. So beautiful. I love the timbre of the choir and the new taste this music has compared to past recordings of your music, Eric. I can't wait to buy the album.

  • Dr.J

    Hi, I just heard about Eric Whitacre in the spanish radio station Radio Clásica and got really moved.

    Could you elaborate on the relation between Morte Lauridsen and Eric works, and are there any other composers of this calibre in the States right now?

    Greetings from Spain