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Paradise Lost in Carnegie Hall – Tickets Now on Sale

March 1, 2010 at 9:18 pm UTC

Yep. Just go to the Carnegie Hall online box office to buy tickets, or call (212) 247-7800.

In honor of the occasion, here’s a video that perfectly captures how excited I am:

  • cirquestory

    I generally croon in russian when excited also

  • Melody Myers

    YES! This makes me laugh and smile a lot XD I love it!

  • Courtney Lea

    LOL! Eric you are such a goof! lol
    I’m SO excited! YAAAAY! I can’t believe this is actually happening!

  • Kristen

    1:25-1:36 = the best!

  • Matt W

    Every part about that was the best part about that

  • Tessy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! :D Too funny! Yet, I completely understand. :)

  • Allie Berryman

    The best part is that he just keeps singing. And singing. And singing. And that creepy smile combined with the fact that he doesn't appear to have eyebrows? Too funny!

  • Matt Roberts

    this is the new choir warm-up. hahah

  • Edzinsh

    That's kinda my parents' childhood or something. Marvellous. :D.

  • Sam Gallegos

    This is ridiculous. And creepy.

  • Sara Michael

    This is now my way to get Raven to do what I say: "You have about 5 seconds before I start with the Tro-lo-lo's!" Works EVERY time.

  • Charles A. Silvestri

    Oh my. Where to begin…

    1. This must be the Soviet version of Lawrence Welk
    2. I can’t tell what’s worse: the mind-numbing arrangement, his obviously bad lip-syncing, his toupee, or the baby-poo color in the background
    3. The sixties were a simpler time (or, considering the quality of Eastern Bloc TV, the 90’s??)
    4. I’m already working on lyrics…

  • Kyle Shallbetter

    OMFG NO! Hahahaha, I thought I had seen the last of this creepy fricking video. Again, I lol'd.
    Can't wait for the show!

  • Courtney Lea

    @Charles A. Silverstri – ROTFLOL! Seriously pwnage! XD

  • Ed

    Haha, you weirdo :P

  • matt roberts

    ran in to you at minneapolis even though i couldn't stick around for your session. but was fun to see you there again since last spring for the extravaganza. I hope all went well today!

  • Steve Danielson

    Everything I was thinking, Charles Silvestri said.

    It's been a while since I've studied Russian, but I got the gist of the title. "I'm glad that I finally returned home." This guy not only in a horrible lip-syncher, but is probably one of the worst actors I've ever seen. I mean, who really walks like that?

    Interesting vid, to say the least. Glad you're excited…hopefully even more than this guy.

  • Travis

    Hilarious! I could imagine playing this and no matter how bad my day was I would bust up laughing!

  • J. Aaron Stanley

    This guy looks like a ventriloquist dummy. It really creeps me out. I sense a "Dexter" behind that fake smile! :)

  • Kyle Shallbetter

    You are never gonna believe what this singer just posted. I give you Virtual Choir part 3.

    Thought you might get a kick out of that.
    Peace, love, and music,