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Pirates IV!

January 25, 2011 at 12:07 am UTC

Just spent the evening co-composing one of the big themes from Pirates 4 with Hans Zimmer. Hila was recording all the solos. What a blast!

  • James Kubinski

    That's awesome. Mr. Whitacre. I am a 3rd year music ed student in Detroit, MI. I'm actually an instrumentalist-but I've got to tell you that your pieces are incredible. Truly a spirtual experience to listen to! I love playing some of the band transcriptions of your works as well. To date I've done Cloudburst, Sleep and right now we are working on Lux. I was wondering if you've ever composed a piece with an instrumental setting in mind? Or specifically for band or orchestra? Just curious. If you don't have the time to answer this I understand.

  • Michael J. Welten

    Dear Mr. James Kubinski, correct me if I am mistaken but I believe that the piece October was made for high school band specifically. I'm almost posotive that it was commissioned by a high school band. =)

  • Chris Hinojosa

    Hey James. You should check out the Wind Symphony section on this website. Eric has done phenomenal instrumental pieces, October being one of my favorite.

  • Kristen

    This is FANTASTIC! I had no idea you were co-composing part of the Pirates IV score!! I will definitely be listening for that whenever the movie comes out! =D

  • Josh H

    I have mixed feelings about the whole concept of Pirates 4, but I'll definitely go to see it with this knowledge in mind!

  • JK

    Hey hey, that's pretty cool, Eric.

    I wonder if more dedicated fans will be able to recognise your input on the score.

  • Courtney Lea K

    Definitely know which soundtrack I'm buying when it comes out! lol

  • Ian McDougal

    You mean I'm actually going to have to go see it now?!

  • Brandon

    @ James

    Also check out Eric's piece Equus, another great piece written exclusively for Winds and Percussion.

  • Jeremiah Witte

    Awesome! Makes me wonder what an entire film would be like with a Whitacre score… ;-)

  • Charles Anthony Silv


    • Eric


  • Jon Fisher

    That’s awesome! Just gave me a new reason to go see the movie! (I was gonna go see it anyway.) Eric Whitacre + Hans Zimmer= Groundbreaking.

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  • Jessica

    When I was watching On Stranger Tides this past weekend, I thought that the Mermaids theme sounded oddly Whitacre-esque. I was absolutely delighted when I found out that this was because it was cowirtten by Eric Whitacre! Good for you sir, I enjoyed the soundtrack of this film quite a bit.

  • Brooke deRosa

    That's so exciting!! I absolutely ADORED the pirates 4 score!!

  • David Allen

    Absolutely gorgeous theme – and so beautifully sung! Have been listening to it on loop – just need to go and see the movie now…

  • David Brock

    OH! What a surprise it was to see your name on the Pirates 4 credits list this evening. I had no idea!!! I haven't been keeping up with the blog lately, so I missed, but WOW was the Mermaid's music amazing. I would not be at all upset if you and Mr. Zimmer worked together in the future! Great work!

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