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The Virtual Choir: How We Did It

March 23, 2010 at 11:54 pm UTC

In the 48 hours since we posted the Lux Aurumque Virtual Choir video has seen an extraordinary number of new visitors. (Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest and linked here, especially and Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish). I thought I would take this opportunity to welcome everyone, and give a brief explanation as to how the Virtual Choir came to be.

Last year a friend emailed me a link to this video, the lovely Britlin Losee singing the soprano part to Sleep, an a cappella choral work I wrote in 2000:

I kind of freaked out, because it occurred to me that if 100 people all recorded their respective parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) we could line them all up and create a virtual choir. So I asked everyone to buy the same recording of Sleep from iTunes, a beautiful performance by the superb British choir Polyphony. Singers from around the world posted their individual parts, simply singing along to the recorded piece. Scott Haines volunteered to cut it together. Here’s how it came out:

I was thrilled (it actually sounded like music!), and I wanted to see if we could push the concept to the next level. So this time, I made my own conductor track, filming it in complete silence, hearing the music only in my head. Then I watched the video and played in the piano accompaniment part to my conductor track:

Then I offered the sheet music as a free download. As singers began posting their individual tracks, I called for ‘auditions’ for the soprano solo. Melody Meyers from Tennessee posted my favorite entry:

My goal with this ‘chapter’ of the Virtual Choir was to see if we could not just sing our parts separately and cut them together; I wanted to see if we could actually make music. There is a lot of rubato in my conducting (slowing down, speeding up) and some very specific dynamic gestures, and the singers responded beautifully. Here’s the final product:

When I saw the finished video for the first time I actually teared up. The intimacy of all the faces, the sound of the singing, the obvious poetic symbolism about our shared humanity and our need to connect; all of it completely overwhelmed me. And it must be said that a lot of the credit for its beauty should go to Scottie Haines, who spent untold hours editing and polishing the video. (BTW, Scottie and I have never met only met once in the ‘real world’, unlike 99% of the Virtual Choir, whom I’ve never ‘met’).

Lastly, I’m hoping that this is just the beginning. My ultimate goal is to write an original piece for the Virtual Choir and have it receive its world premiere in cyber-space, hundreds (maybe thousands) of people singing alone, together.

Woo hoo!

  • Scott Haines

    Actually, Eric.. we have met in person. Lawrence, Kansas, February 2008, I think it was. Here is the picture:

    • Gary Stone

      Scott… fantastic job of collecting and managing all the assets for this project. As a chorus singer myself (Masters of Harmony in So. Calif. ) and video producer, I have a keen interest in the technical aspects of your presentation. Here's my question… the video quality is of all the submissions seem to be all over the map, but the audio quality is more consistent. How was the audio handled? It's hard to believe the on-camera mics were the sole source of the recordings.

      Congrats on creating a very unique work! Cheers…

      • Tank

        Hi Scott –

        Just following up with Gary’s comment, would you be so kind as to elaborate on how you handled the audio component and made it so consistent? It seems like it would be hard to coordinate so many sources with everybody having different mics/webcams etc!

        Really an amazing piece…kudos!!!


    • Jamie Allen

      Dear Scott,

      I am looking to do a similar project that would involve live string performers and a virtual orchestra of alumni from our Young Strings program. I am starting to assemble a team of technicians that could help with this, but I feel we could greatly benefit from your experience and would love to know about challenges, pitfalls, lessons learned, etc. that you would be willing to share.

      -Jamie Allen
      Director of Education
      The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

  • Sam

    "(…never met in the ‘real world’, and the same goes for 99% of the singers)."
    That's me! Wooo!

  • Brad Sampson

    The sound worked really well together! I also really love the video- how it looks like a choir. It's quite a masterpiece. The internet is great! Thanks to Mr. Whitacre and Mr. Haines!

  • J. Pisano

    Eric,Scottie, Brad, and all,

    What a truly amazing accomplishment for you all, music, education, technology and "Web 2.0". This will be played in all of my under-graduate classes tomorrow at Grove City. It's lighting up all of the music blogs and the twittersphere is on fire about your work! It won't be long before the YouTube hits are over 100,000 then 1,000,000!

    A couple of questions… What software/hardware was used for this compilation? How long did it take to piece together and how long was the final render of so many video clips?

    Again, congratulations on such a ground breaking accomplishment!

    J. Pisano -MusTech.Net

  • Raz

    I will support you 100% when the day comes that you allow people like me to have the honor of fulfilling your ultimate goal by singing that orginal vitual choir piece! I have enjoyed performing on the past two projects and I am honored to have such opportunities to perform for you. Kudos to you and Scottie!

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  • Scott Haines

    HAHAHAHAHA… I love the how you crossed out 'never met' and fixed it. Nice!

  • Paige

    It was a privilege to be able to be a part of this, and it was a lot of fun too! Thank you for the opportunity and I definitely plan on being a part of this for however many pieces!

  • Courtney Lea

    OMG! I'm so glad to be apart of this beautiful and stunning project! I can't wait to continue in it some more!
    You're actually going to write a piece for the virtual choir?!?!?! OMG! OMG! OMG! lol

  • Susan B.

    All of these separate entities coming together as one unit. The concept and final product are amazing and beautiful.

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  • The Tunnel Singer -

    My heart is captured! So beautiful. So moving. Thank you.

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  • Jeffrey Howard

    Dear Eric,

    Please involve me next time. I'm a professional musician in Cardiff, Wales and think this is all great!

    Jeff Howard

  • Compare Satellite TV

    it's so amazing and beautiful :)

  • Jennifer Hartnett

    BRAVO! What an amazing compilation of love and beauty.

  • Matt W

    singing alone, together

    ah how poetic

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  • Marina

    I am an astrologer and for the first time I heard relly Music of the Spheres. Thank you!

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  • Dan Clark

    for the next one, how about Franz Biebl's Ave Maria?

    This would be a wonderful piece for the many voices of the choir.

    • Michael Mays

      Dan, I agree. Eric's stuff is really cool, and Biebl's work is of the same caliber (if slightly different "flavor"). The Ave Maria is gorgeous! Of course, so is Javier Busto's. (It's slightly more chromatic and a bit more haunting, but not quite is "pretty." IMO.)

      I'd never heard the Lux Aurumque before stumbling on this today. What an impressive and inspired idea. I'd love to participate in the next one! I'll have to send some of my students over here to check this out as well.

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  • Rhonda Rossway

    What a concept….lets do it!

  • mattnielsen

    speaking of YouTube videos, have you seen this?

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  • yutakashino

    I was so moved by your "on-line" choir. Thank you, Eric. Thank you very much!

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  • josefinfinfin

    Wow, I just saw the video! And I really teared up when I saw first my best friends mother (Anna Olausson) and then my friend herself (Tove Lundström) among the altos. I really regret I didn't send in a video myself!

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  • Stephen Ransom

    Simply brilliant!

  • Uri Shalom

    So for those of us that (so sadly) missed the audition for Lux, when/how will we be able to get involved with the next endeavor?

    Truly amazing… congrats.

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  • Dave Losee

    The virtual choir concept has no limits! The thought of bringing voices and people from around the world who have never met is incredible. The collaboration between vocal parts, editing, time signatures, etc. is a huge undertaking. Scott Haines really deserves credit for his timestaking effort, resulting in a magnificent end product. I can't wait for what tomorrow brings. Superb job by all!

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  • Maud

    But how about the pleasure of singing together ?… Isn't it a little bit sad to be alone in front of the computer and not live the music together in live ? I hope technology will never replace a real choir !!

  • Hannah

    This is amazing. The music itself is beautiful, and when combined with the completely new idea of a virtual choir it's just stunning. It brings the idea of a "global community" to the next level. I've watched it several times and probably will several more. Dr Silvestri sent it to me, and I've sent it on to everyone I know.

  • Courtney Lea

    I just showed my choral director and she says that she admits that it was pretty cool, but she said she would have liked it a little more if you had dressed up a bit nicer! lol Leave it to a woman to criticize how you look XD

  • Steve


    Have you considered doing this in real time, i.e. a real virtual choir? With appropriate hardware/software to remove the glitches and synchronize the data streams you could have a choir of 100K voices singing in real time around the world! I'm a hardware/software engineer (as well as a baritone/choir director) so I know this is possible. With some corporate support, this could be happen.

    • http://htp:// Bob Hayden-Gilbert

      Having explored this for my beginning band students around who use my iBegin® method, the biggest problem is the latency, but in this day and age, it must be possible. It would certainly be the most exciting online musical even ever. By the way, which program did you use to stitch the Virtual Choir together? Congratulations on doing such an amazing job.

    • Owen Sharpe

      Hi Steve,

      I'm interested in promoting choir tours; I think tours are such a wonderful learning experience.

      Would it be difficult to achieve hardware/software that could allow one choir to sing to another and reply, a virtual choral conversation? This would allow an "introduction" and overcome the tyranny of distance to a certain extent.

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  • Rose Ferguson

    I can't believe it…. a genius idea….. who would
    imagine such a sound ? I just started to cry as
    soon as Lux started. Celestial Sounds. I had
    sung in choirs all of my life, until the end of my
    college years, and there is no music that can
    move me to tears faster than choral pieces.
    And this virtual choir is beyond anything I could
    ever dream up… thank you so much for this.

  • Rose Ferguson

    I just can't believe this….. genius idea…I started to cry and had goosebumps. Then I wrote every one I know. I love choral music and sometimes when I would be singing my alto part, tears would stream down my face. But this sound is different… celestial… just other wordly. Are you sure the angels in the heavens aren't singing with you ? I could swear I hear them.

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  • Genevieve

    Reading this made my heart feel full. Thank you for this unparalleled experience.

  • Brian

    Can you have your video editor say a few words, or point
    to a discussion about the video production?


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  • tom

    I am an old man, yet every now and then something makes me feel optimistic. This presentation did so. Please, continue the experiment; you are making hope.

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  • Duncan Basson

    Hello and thank you, Eric! Your creation is gorgeous and moving. I am a huge fan of choral music, masses in particular, from Byrd to Beethoven. Your virtual chorus feels like a tremendous opportunity to recapture the beauty of real music and take full advantage of this great technology at the same time. I agree completely with your description of the result: this is a deeply human, profound musical experience.

    I would love to be a part of your future virtual performances and hope that you'll be collecting auditions for new projects. I'm a pretty decent tenor and would love to pitch in!

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  • Dana

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  • Philippe

    I'm really impressed, congratulations!!!
    I hope I'll be able to participate to the next choir :)


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  • Morgana Lira

    I´ve just watched this amazing video and I must say this work is very impressive and really touching.
    Are you thinking of doing something like this again? If so, I would like to receive some information about the auditions. I´m a singer from Brazil.
    Thanks a lot!!! And congratulations!

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  • Elliott

    That is absolutely amazing! Thank you for making this happen.

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  • vero

    TOUS ENSEMBLE c'est tellement simple! beau ! merveilleux!EXTRAORDINAIRE PROJET DE VIE!

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  • Peter Nuing

    Hi. I only can say: "WOW!". I heard the version of "Sleep" with the virtual choir some days ago. And it is soooooo fascinating. Normaly i am more into "electronic sound" working with PC, MIDI, and so on but i listen to this song all the time since i heard them. I like it so much. More, more, more :) I wish to be a party of it…maybe…one time… :)

  • Peter Nuding

    PS: Where can I find the lyrics for "Sleep" ?

  • Farlee

    This was an incredibly moving video — I'm either a Sop II or Alto I — count me in the next time!

  • Chris Howe

    Dear Eric,

    This project was an inspirational idea that really captures the essence of music-making in today's web-based world. I've been looking up some of your other material (forgive me for using you as a tool for procrastination!) and saw that you'd written an opera. It looks fantastic. I've managed to find bits on YouTube and there's one track from it on your MySpace, but isn't it a shame there's no DVD or audio recording of it? Are there any plans to make a recording of the performance this June?

    With much respect,


  • James H

    With over 200 separate recordings, recorded by "amateurs" on home equipment there must have been a ton of background noise and "static". How could all that noise be removed without destroying the authentic sounds they emailed in? So was this really the "authentic" sound of all those people "singing alone, together", or was it a new "digital" creation based on those recordings?

    In any event, I love the whole idea and hope I can participate next time.

  • Angela Richter

    I saw part of this on PJTV's Trifecta and just had to hear the whole song. It reminded me of Palestrina's Alma Redemptoris Mater and Mozart's Serenade for Winds all at once. Bravo!

  • paopasc

    Running fantastic and extraordinary idea. The only thing I regret is that I'm tone deaf …but not deaf.

  • Allie Berryman

    I've seen this several times and still get the goosebumps. What a cool thing to be involved in!

  • Brad Sampson

    I was so impressed with the virtual choir that I started working on my own personal virtual choir- A Horn Choir! I'm trying to record Sleep for 8 horns, all played by me. Here's my introduction video, if you're interested:

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  • Gam


    Please get this into it would be visually incredible there. Same scenario as your youtube, and let the viewers select from the separate video feeds.

  • cherbassically

    How do I get involved in this virtual choir! it'd be way cool to do some choral singing again! I sure miss it!!

  • Tom Gray

    Thank you for making this available via YouTube. I have shared it with many singers. Had the great pleasure of singing "Hope, Faith, Life, Love" a few years ago …

  • R2

    Mr. Whitacre, thank you so much for all your efforts in connecting what is often wrongly considered just some dull nerdy outlet (i.e. choral music) with the 2.0 world. I am truly grateful that thanks to you and many of your co-composers, classical music is now also able to reach all those that only have their information intake on the www. This is an important step in the preservation of (classical) music performances for the future.

  • Carol Marshall

    I am singing Lux Arumque at the moment with The Manchester Chorale in the UK (along with other Eric Whitacre pieces) and a friend, who didn't know this, sent me the link to the video. I was both moved and inspired. How different a piece sounds when listening to the whole rather than being in the middle of it and what an amazing concept. I think there was an added dimension to the music in having the singers sing alone; a poignancy that isn't there when the singing is a shared experience. I would love to take part in a future project.

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  • Meyli

    That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen on the internet! It's really amazing how we can all come together with our voices and make beautiful music; it gives me chills.

    Bravo and thank you! I can't wait to hear more!

  • NB

    All I can do is echo the other responses on here. What an amazing project and stunning result! Congrats to all the singers. All I'm sorry about is that I only heard of this project today and that I missed out on being part of that video… I can't wait to find out more about the next one!

  • Suze Pratten

    Oh my goodness, what an awesome breakthrough for choral music and for virtual human community. Thankyou for the inspiration and count me in for the next project!!

  • Erick Zanardi

    Good Evening, Master: (Please, excuse my english)

    I saw the Virtual Choir on internet today, 22-04-2010, and I cried like a child with the sound of all singing together… And, of course, I hope be part of the next auditions for other projects like this.

    I was in the "Marktoberdorf Choir Competition" on 2005 in Germany, and you was Jury….. I'd singing with "Ensamble Les Trouvers" from Venezuela…. I'm just try to offer me for be part of the choir in the next work (S) ….. I hope you'll read that and let me participate…

    Too much thanks for you from me, Erick Zanardi. Venezuela!!!

  • François Priv

    Quelle belle découverte! Merci pour cette image de l'humanité que nous serons lorsque nous en aurons fini des frontières…

    Au plaisir de vous rencontrer tous un jour!

    François Privé

    Professeur de philosophie

    Co-fondateur de Reboiseurs du Monde

  • Laura L. W.

    Absolutely awe-inspiring! I can't wait to audition for the next one!

  • Pat Keller

    Fabulous! Awe-inspiring for this long-time choral fan and participant. I've listened over and over again. One suggestion for possible future projects – Maybe put out a call for singers with higher quality equipment? The current productions are miraculous given the fidelity of typical computer microphones. Imagine the richness of tone if the recordings had a larger dynamic range!

  • verover

    Listen & viewing it, i feel myself like little thinking grain, i flow into youг site by wire… It is cosmic! Thank You, Eric Whitacre! Thank You All, People of the World! Angel music on Earth! Beautiful usage of technologies. Staggering Way to hear Human Voices!

  • Katie

    What a fascinating idea! The virtual choir's performance was moving and absolutely angelic. My hat goes off to you for taking choral music to a new level through the use of technology. Bravo!

  • Debby

    I want to audition for your next project! Please keep me posted.

  • Steve Froudist

    wonderful! I wish this hypernetthingy was around when I was a kid!!!! Still, I'm not dead yet and I would like to be in on the next one. Truly a marvellous shared magical experience. Bravo!!!!!

  • cody

    Wow. That was absolutely amazing. To be apart of something so great that brings together all types of people from around the world in perfect harmony would be an honor. This truly captured my heart and brought chills to every inch of my body. Thank you.

  • Retired In Kaliforni

    This is magnificent! This is most exciting using of Internet for communial creativity! I'm an active Susan Boyle fan and will propose a song tribute by her fans for her via this method. My God what possibilites her!!!

  • Joe Bowen

    I have sung your "Leonardo Dreams…." piece and found it exhilarating. Please let me know about the next one!!

  • Acrophile

    This is beautiful. I wish I had known about it from the start. Now I have to start re-training my voice. It's been a long time. I find the "singing together, alone" concept bittersweet. There is an energy you can't get except in physical presence. But this comes about as close as I've ever seen to achieving it.

  • Kate

    Hey Eric,

    We want to show your TED video at a TEDx Lansing on May 21, and I thought it would be really really cool to draw any Michigan connections. Were any of your signers from Michigan or attending a Michigan college or university? Do you have any Michigan ties? Feel free to drop me an email at ktykocki@camw dot net! Thanks!

  • Chris Poulson

    I heard The Strand segment on BBC World Service as I was awaking this morning. When that was over I came to my computer and watched/listened all over again. Tomorrow night I will teach the last class of the semester (Organizational Behavior) at the University of San Diego. My plan has been to show "Enron – the smartest guys in the room" – and I will. But I will close out the class and the course with the Lux Aurumque video. You have beautifully demonstrated how one can create a virtual community which attracts willing and capable volunteers to create beauty. What a superb contrast to the thieves of Enron and an uplifting end to a course with a goal of engaging the positive side of human behavior. Thank you for enabling the soaring of the human spirit!

  • Nikki Schilling

    This video touched my soul in ways deeper than I can explain in words. Your music has been a light in my life, and a huge influence on my own compositions. You are a musical genius. It takes a truly talented mind to come up with something like this. You and your choir did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece.

  • Ken Ransom

    This is totally amazing. You have brought to life the dream of the old Coca-Cola commercial, "I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony."

  • stacy bryant

    i love this, and i would love to sing with all of you..

  • christina brown

    Is there any way I could get involved with the next project? I have been SO touched by your music as I sang it in the past.

  • Scott E. Cullen

    This is truly fantastic and wonderful. I am in awe. Absolutely beautiful. It reminds me in a small way of Sacred Harp singing. People coming together not just to perform, but to experience music collegially.

  • David O"Brien

    this is fantastic congratulations it reminds me of a song which was around in the 60s "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony" OMG I think you have done it

  • hoyle

    Dear Eric_ have you ever seen this?

  • Yamil Dutra

    Erick, the work you have developed shows that technology only has sense when it serves human beings. Thank you and all for the effort and beautiful result!

  • anne thompson

    this was magic. the joining of your skill and talents with all of these 'strangers' voices and hearts, well, words escape me. thanks to all of you who put this together. i look forward to the next one.

  • Dr Michael Hall

    I am fom UK, however have lived and worked mostly in the middle and Far East. During my period in Indonesia I was also fortunate to have had the opprtunity to form a brass band [Sally Army style] from orphans in a childrens home. We started in a very haphazard and precarious way with broken instruments and young kids who had no musical knowledge Today, nearly 25 years later on, one of those kids is now a happliy married man with family and us now the Bandmaster and driver of this "acorn" I can really understand the joy this superb and spectacular adventure has given you and thank you for sharing it with us, as a real inspiration of humanity in action in a positive way

    GOD bless and thanks

    Dr Michael Hall

  • michael

    very moving

    Imagine the day when it might be possible to do something like this live.

    not with 100 or a 1000 but 10s of thousands singing together..

    the connected world is a brave new frontier kudos on taking the first steps…

  • Susanne Gilmer

    This is going in a great direction! I'd like to take part, but sing like a frog. However, I am a pianist and teacher in Birmingham, AL. with background in composition and arranging. Could I participate with keyboards someday? Best to you and your family. Susanne.

  • Carolyn Sibley

    A wonderful idea and deeply moving too I want to join in

  • Reinhardt Bruwer

    Hi there just wanted to comment to say that was awesome. When are you guys going to try it again? Maybe try something for more singers like "Cloudburst". I sang it with the South African Youth Choir (Fidentia) under conductor André van der Merwe. Would love to audition the virtual choir next time you guys do something.

    Keep up the inspiring work

    Rienhardt Bruwer

    All the way from South Africa

  • Jack Hoeschler

    This may be part of the answer to Robert Putnam's question in Bowling Alone as to how we build social capital in the future.

  • Luis

    How great you are..

  • Roman Alis

    I am a Performing Arts Teacher/Actor/Praise Team Singer at our church and would love the opportunity to audition for your virtual choir. I have professional training and devote my music & Drama gifts carefully. I would greatly appreciate your consideration.

    Praises! I was amazed at what you do and would very much like to be a part of this wonderful dream choir.

    Roman Alis, Drama / Music Director/Actor/Singer

    M.F.A. Boston University (757) 291-4386

  • Janet Shown

    The video is breathtaking; the music, nothing less than divine. Thank you for sharing your inspirational work with us.

  • Kim

    I am a Worship Pastor therefore making it quite difficult to participate in the local Symphonic Choral group however, the Virtual Choir would give me an opportunity to be part of something I absolutely love and not leave my job! Where can I audition?

  • Sandy Vernon

    All the stress of a busy school year just melted away. Thanks for reminding me what it's all about. So beautiful. Hope to be in the next one.

  • Jeanne Young

    This was amazingly beautiful…it touched my soul…a lump formed in my throat. I SO want to be a part of the next one. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world:)

  • Barbara Popel

    Lovely music. Great idea.

    Sorry to point this out, but there's a grammar/spelling mistake that occurs twice in your commentary.: "it's" is an abbreviation of "it is". The word "its" is the possessive form.

    You're so precise in your conducting that I hope you'll be equally precise in your writing.

    • Eric


      THANK YOU. I can't believe I missed both of those. Duly noted and amended.

  • David S

    I first saw the compilation on Mashable. I immediately tweeted it and shared it with everyone.

    In one word: Brilliant

  • Ron

    I enjoy these videos a lot, but I'd like to reiterate Gary Stone's question: how was the audio handled? It sounds pristine, but it seems there would be a rather large accumulation of noise from all these rather lo-fi recording sources.

  • Pieter J.van Horssen

    This is so amazing that , yes indeed, touches you right deep down.

    As a choir singer I wold like to be part of it, singing with all these people unknown to you.

  • Sue Burnside, Vallej



    This is one of the greatest ideas ever! To include anyone and everyone who wants to "make a joyful noise" is so empowering to everyone concerned—singers and listeners alike.

    This ought to be played in schools at all levels and at all Holy places.

    Thanks for the uplifting!

  • Catherine Todd
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  • Anne R. Hawkins

    This was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen/heard! Please continue to do this. I wish I had the equipment that would enable me to participate in the next project. Are there places in the Minneapolis area where one could go to do this? (Loved your Extravaganza in Orchestra Hall in March 09.)

    I have been in love with your music for about 7 years now. After hearing “Leonardo Dreams…” on MPR early one morning, I bought a CD, went to Peppers and bought one of each of the pieces they carried, and have been singing along with the CD ever since. I belong to 3 choirs. But none of the directors have taken my suggestion to use your music in concert, though the Symphony Choir tried “A Boy and A Girl.” The group most capable of doing your music has only 18 singers. Do you have any arrangements for small groups?

  • Anne R. Hawkins

    This was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen/heard! Please do more. I don't have equipment that would enable me to participate. Are there places in the Minneapolis area where one could go to do this?

    I have been in love with your music for about 7 years now. I bought a CD, music for the pieces, and have been singing along ever since. Do you have any arrangements for small groups?

  • janb maarten koeman

    great experiment, since performing cloudburst myself I can't wait to see more music for SSA -childrens choir- . we enjoy Seal lullaby and want to sing more, how about virual childrens choir? we can promote children singing that way too!

    jan maarten koeman

    founder conductor childrens choirs waterland, national opera childrens choir.

  • Alberto de Avyz

    Everytime I hear Lux Aurumque by the Virtual Choir, I fall in tears of joy! It's an amazing idea! And amazing music too.

    I really want to be part of the next goal of The Virtual Choir in this next step, on the original score!

    Brazilian congratulations!

  • http://None Dennis Nichols

    For your next experiment, try having singers sit at their respective computers, and while watching your direction and hearing your music let them sing along (you'll have to supply the charts). You could still select the singers from their audio input and you could encorporate voices from around the world.

    The piece in this EMAIL was outstanding. The voices were beautifl. BRAVO to them all.

    Dennis Nichols

  • Alan C

    How does one become a part of the next project. I would love to be included…

  • Jennie McLaughlin

    This is fantastic, uplifting, inspirational music, such talent. Wonderful!

  • Helen

    This is… incredible beyond words. It is the definition of beautiful. You all do such a wonderful job with this. It makes my heart swell and my mouth smile just listening to it. Beautiful. Peaceful. Very well done.

  • http://singing Anne Poirier

    I would love to be part of your next project

  • Carli

    What a great idea! I absolutely love your music. Your virtual choir and your goals for it sound like such a powerful message: That we can all come together for the love of music.

    I would love love LOVE to be apart of your virtual choir for your original piece as an alto. How do I go about doing this? :D

  • Audio Tutorials

    What a fantastic achievement, really great stuff.

  • Martin Browne

    Breathtakingly beautiful both as a piece and production. Clearly, this is the beginning of how it all will be. Magic!

  • jim cartwright

    What a fantastic idea, sounds so good. Could create an anthem for the planet!

  • Vilena

    I am very impressed with your project and would be happy to take part in it, the more that I have the experience of choral singing) Thank you for the great idea)

  • Penny Andrews

    Wow! This is such an inspiring project on so many levels… the music is sublime of course, and the concept of connecting the choir virtually is gorgeous. But it also works beautifully as a stage work – I just love the look of the You Tube videos floating across the stage and the back stories revealed through the singers' home context. So simple but just brilliant!

    Thank you for lifting me up.

  • Joanna Patton

    I'm commenting in the hopes I'll be in the loop for your next project… Well done for being the first in uncharted waters. :)

  • Christina Perrine

    Unbelieveable! Beautiful!! I have tears…

    I want to be involved with your next project…

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  • jean collins

    have listened to this wonderful music and was very

    touched indeed, well done!

    Wish I was a bit younger and still in good voice, would

    so have enjoyed being part of the choir.

  • Kim

    As cool as this was, it really defeats the idea and purpose of a choir. A choir is a group of people singing together as one voice, not people singing alone and their voices being mashed together. Also this is not even a real performence. There is no connection within the group and no emotional connection to the audience. I think what you did is great, but don't call it a choir.

    • Eric


      From the Oxford dictionary: Choir 1. An organized company of singers.

      Just keepin' it real.


  • Cas Pearson

    wow that was awesome. genius. beautiful. inspired. annointed even! would love to be a part of something like that…

  • Keith Harrison

    Eric – what a great idea, and a superb result.

  • Composer Forum

    A wonderful idea and deeply moving too I want to join in

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  • Meredith Fox

    That was the most beautiful, pure, angelic sound that has ever graced my ears. It gave me hope that one day the human race may come together and find peace as the voices in this wonderful peice of music did.

  • Anyssa Marianna Torr

    When I heard this song I wanted to cry because of how beautiful it sounds. This peice of music was graceful, touching, and made my soul feel free it just lifted my soul. It gave me so much hope. I believe one day we can all come together and make a beatiful song like that. I really enjoyed listening to the many exotic voices in this music peice.I want o make something that graceful one day.

  • Brian


    Did you do anything special for acoustics?

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  • María

    Hi. My name is María. I am a 43-year-old Argentine mezzo and I 'd like to apply for a new proyect. How can I go about it? Thanks in advance.


  • Kuriko

    Mr. Eric Whitacre,

    I just found about your virtual choir last night! How I wish I would've known earlier… but this is not why I am writing this.

    You said your ultimate goal is to write an original piece for the Virtual Choir. I have an idea I’d like to share for that. Since you can get quality singers from all over the world via YouTube, it would be great if the song can symbolize the unity in diversity, the intercultural and universal aspect of the project.

    Maybe you would have thought of it already, to incorporate various languages in the song and to reflect music styles of various countries. This may be the advantage of a virtual choir over a physical choir.

    Like many music videos, it can tell a story visually. It can narrate a story of how one music is connecting those faces

    emerging from different continents and islands via computers.

    I am only a language teacher and a singer, but I wanted to share my idea. I thought, if a girl singing virtually could inspire you, then I could approach you whom I consider a musical genius.

    Thank you for creating beautiful music and using it to connect and inspire!

  • Alan Matchinsky

    To Eric,

    I sing in the Basilica of St. Mary Cathedral Choir in Minneapolis, MN. We absolutely love to sing your exquisite music.

    What a thrill it was for me to discover the Virtual Choir doing the Lux Aurumque. Brilliant. Masterful. Pure joy and inspiration. Made my entire day. Possibly my week. Sharing it with all of our friends, and especially the musicians.

    You are so very blessed Mr. Whitacre. Thank you. Profoundly.

  • ijoei

    What a thrill it was for me to discover the Virtual Choir doing the Lux Aurumque. Brilliant. Masterful. Pure joy and inspiration. Made my entire day. Possibly my week. Sharing it with all of our friends, and especially the musicians.

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  • Patricia F Anderson

    Hey, Eric, the embedded video for SLEEP has been switched to "private" so it is no longer viewable either on the blog or in Youtube. Here is the URL given:

    Many thanks! This is absolutely incredible work, and I an eagerly awaiting the next release (tomorrow!).

  • Linda Hollland

    Am I too late?!! Where do I sign up! I just found this today and have listened to the posted visuals. Where have I been! Where have you been?! I began singing in church and joined A Capella in high school where I met most of the dear friends I still have (thank you fb). BTW I graduated in 1965. (please don't do the math. lol) Currently singing with The Rogue Valley Chorale in Medford, Or. The words of your first tape, that beautiful young girl. I guess that's where I started to tear up for she was saying what I have said and thought about music. Although not graced with the talent to write music per se, always could do well enough to be part of something bigger than anything I could ever hope to do myself. This is beautiful. I hope I can audition or at least submit a tape next time. Respectfully yours, Lin Holland, 1st or 2nd alto

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  • Jonathan Harker

    The Youtube choir performance of Lux Aurumque has moved me far beyond words. Truly amazing and inspiring!

  • Ignonnaownert – Peg Perego Uno – Headboards For Beds – ductless air conditioners

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  • DSLR-A900

    Muy buen puesto. Yo tropecé con su blog y quería decir que realmente he disfrutado de la navegación de tu blog. Después de todo voy a estar suscribirse a su feed RSS y espero que escribir de nuevo pronto!

  • http://sagereedy95 sage reedy

    dear sir i was wundering why you wrote luxauraumque? and just some brif information baout you :) thank you

  • Luke Primrose

    My choir teacher showed us “Sleep” in class and i was touched. “Sleep” is truly the most Beautiful song I have ever heard…

  • perry

    Wonderful!! I have always dreamed of creating and performing music with musicians not living near me and now MR.Whitacre has done it.
    I am looking forward to seeing where this “road” takes the ever changing world of music.

  • Randy Hetrick

    What a great idea I can’t believe how beautiful this sounds .

  • Jennifer

    Wow, this is ethereal and truly beautiful, congratulations on a great concept!

  • G. Craig

    This is so wonderful and amazing, absolutely brought tears to my eyes. Please, make more.

  • Brian

    I know this sounds a little silly but it would reach a lot of people. Why not arrange and implement a virtual choir version of “Happy Kitty”, the song they sing on The Big Bang Theory. Make it 4 part harmony or a round. Then have the Big Bang people publicize the site URL and maybe after all the voices have been gathered and merged, they would incorporate it in the show somehow or broadcast it in the closing minute.

  • stevesunderland

    This is absolutely incredible!

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