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A Raw Track from Paradise

June 25, 2010 at 1:52 am UTC

Kaveh Cohen is a composer whose music you have most certainly heard and just didn’t realize it. He’s written music for some of the most successful film trailers in history (Avatar, Transformers, The Dark Knight). His most recent project – the incredible music for the video game Splinter Cell: Conviction – will be released soon as a full-length album.

Kaveh and I have been gearing up to record and produce the Paradise Lost album together, and for a first ‘test’ Kaveh produced the opening track from the show, “Children of Paradise”. This is the exact audio track that played underneath the singers and live musicians in the Carnegie Hall concert.

Without the vocals, it won’t make much sense as a piece of music. But I do think it gives a basic flavor of where the final Paradise Lost sound world is headed. SO excited to get this album going!


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