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Big News from the Virtual Choir

January 1, 2011 at 2:10 am UTC


Congratulations, everyone! Our Virtual Choir for 2011 – ‘Sleep’ – has amassed 1098 uploads from 47 countries. Our youngest singer is 9 years old, and I warmly welcome others who have sung for the first time in decades. Members of the Virtual Choir 2011 live as far north as Fairbanks (Alaska), and as far south as Dunedin (New Zealand). Some singers have taken 60 takes, and others just 1. It’s heart-warming to see so many members from my homeland, the U.S., but also exciting to see videos from exotic parts of the world, like Malta, Thailand and Madagascar. I am so incredibly grateful to ALL of you that have joined me in this choir; I know that it’s not easy to sing these voice parts, or record them in this way. HUGE respect to those who recorded all 8 parts (now that’s something), and to those who recorded 6s, 5s and 4s. BRAVO EVERYONE.

We are going to work to combine these videos into a beautiful composite of classy singing from around the world which we will put online in April. We have agreed to accept a few late submissions next week in response to requests from those who have been unable to record due to the dire weather that has affected travel. Thanks to everyone from me and the rest of Team Whitacre. Can’t wait to share the finished video with you all. Woo hoo!


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