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Composers and Songwriters: Your Chance To Have Your Anthem Recorded At Abbey Road Studios!

March 9, 2011 at 7:27 am UTC

(That’s me in Abbey Road’s Studio One last week, recording the choral parts for Pirates of the Caribbean IV).

Abbey Road Studios, arguably the world’s most famous recording facility, turns 80 this year. To celebrate they are launching an ‘anthem’ competition, open to unsigned composers and songwriters of all ages. I will be one of the judges, along with Harry Christophers, Rob Mathes, and George Fenton.

For the competition, Abbey Road is defining an anthem as:

  • a celebration of a mood or emotion
  • a rousing popular song that typifies or is identified with a particular culture, movement, or point of view
  • a song of praise and devotion
  • a sacred vocal composition with words usually from the Scriptures

The anthem must be no longer than 6 minutes; the composer must be unsigned and and the piece must be unpublished; the anthem can have been submitted to other competitions; and for mixed choir (can be children’s or adult or both).

This is a global competition, not just British. In the spirit of Abbey Road your anthem can be a proper ‘classical’ piece, a la Sir Edward Elgar, a “Hey Jude” – like rock anthem, a la the Beatles, or anything else that you might imagine. Be creative. Inspire us!

Up to ten winners will be selected. I will conduct the recording sessions in Studio One, with a full choir and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Click here for all the details, and good luck!


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