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For Those of You Who Want to Make a Living Making Music: THIS IS THE FUTURE

December 15, 2009 at 5:43 am UTC

My great friend (and fellow BCM International founder) Jim Bonney just turned me on to Jack Conte, a brilliant singer/songwriter who is currently tearing up YouTube. I am smitten with Jack’s music, lyrics, production skills, voice – he’s the complete package, a major talent with a profoundly unique voice. And he’s incredibly hip with his fanbase, actively engaging them at the end of every video and directing them to his web store, all while remaining genuine and charming.

I’m certain that he’s making a living as a musician now, totally supporting himself with his self-produced songs, videos and web store. As soon as he starts to tour, his fans will explode, selling out concerts, buying t-shirts and (every songwriter’s dream) showing up knowing all of his lyrics. Best of all, he’ll never need to sign with a label; he can just keep doing all of it himself, with a small, dedicated staff, always staying true to his personal artistic vision.

Love love love what he is achieving – so very inspiring.


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