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Hila Started a Blog!

May 24, 2009 at 6:21 am UTC

Yep, I bugged her and bugged her until she finally created one. And she didn’t even kick me in the head. Yet.

She’s calling it “And All I Want to do is Fly…” which is a reference to a line that her character Exstasis sings in Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings. If you have a few moments, please visit her and encourage her to continue. She has SO much to say, as a performer, as a poet, as a songwriter, as an athlete, and as a human. If we can just get her to keep posting I just know she’ll reveal the secrets of the universe, or at the very least she can explain how she sings everything, and I mean everything from memory, but she still can’t remember where she left her phone. (*Runs from kick to the head*)

Click it here:

And All I Want to do is Fly…


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