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More Next-Level Musicmaking on YouTube: The 'Crowdsourced' Single

November 10, 2009 at 11:19 pm UTC


“Wanna make a hit song? The ’standard’ way of doing it is learning to play an instrument, finding a couple more musicians, practice, create some songs, find a publisher…

…or you can scrap all that and let the YouTube (YouTube) community do the entire work for you. I’ve Got Nothing is a song that’s been entirely crowdsourced. A youngster called Charlie McDonnell, together with three other teenagers, have created the project as part of BBC’s ChartJackers, an attempt to break into the UK music charts without…well, pretty much everything: money, producer, studio, even musicians.”

Here’s the official description of how the song was created:

“The lyrics of the song are made up of YouTube comments, compiled into a song by another YouTuber. The lyrics were released and then YouTubers wrote a melody for the lyrics, and we picked our favourite. We held YouTube auditions via video response to pick the band, found the producer of the song through YouTube, and the music video is made up of literal interpretations of the lyrics, clapping and singing along, by YouTubers!

Very, very exciting to see this technology evolve. Let’s get our next Virtual Choir project crackin’!


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