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Moving to Foggy London Town

June 23, 2011 at 8:03 am UTC

I’ve been appointed to a five year term as Composer in Residence at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University. SO hono(u)red and excited! I’ll be living in London, just 45 minutes to Cambridge by train. (And less than three hours to Paris by train in the other direction).

As part of my duties at Cambridge I will work campus wide with choirs and music students, giving masterclasses in composition and conducting. I’ll still be spending lots of time conducting in the states, but this will finally give me the chance to increase my number of performances in Europe, something I’ve dreamed of for a long, long time.

Many thanks to Masetro Dr. David Skinner for seeing the appointment through; more than a few bottles of Claret will be consumed in celebration.

As a preliminary toast, here’s a setting of the Oculi Omnium – the Sidney Sussex ‘grace’ – I wrote last fall when I was living there as a Visiting Fellow.


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